Tuesday, May 26, 2009


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Indonesia to turn ape rescue forest to pulp - K

Iran completes gas pipeline deal with Pakistan.


Pakistan ready to 'phase out' nukes

Secretive Rich Cabal Met To Discuss Population Control

"What kind of terrorists on a suicide-mission carry their national ID cards with them? They might as well have carried their birth certificates too." - Mumbai False Flag?.

The Daily Mail tells us of the Disastrous £250m lending spree to just 13 firms.

(Hbos Faces Hard Questions.)

The bank called HBOS lost almost £250million in loans it made to just 13 firms.

"The corporate lending branch in Reading lost 90 per cent of the loans given out to a small group of companies at the height of the boom.

"The office was headed by senior executive Lynden Scourfield.

Scourfield's stipulated that businesses had to hire management consultants Quayside Corporate, founded by a Mr David Mills.

The David Mills who is linked to Quayside is not thought to be the same David Mills who is linked to Berlusconi.

David Mackenzie Mills was in the same class at school as former HBOS chairman Lord Dennis Stevenson. (People: David Mills verdict a blow for Tessa Jowell.)

David Mills guilty of taking bribe linked to Silvio Berlusconi.


David Mills: The networker - The Independent

Media Lying over Churchill's Crimes

The Not So Righteous Mr Devine MP


The Goose and the Gander and True Romance



subrosa said...

I'm going to have to stop reading you so early in the day because my work grinds to a halt! Forensic accountants are needed to sort out the HBOS mess, perhaps they're already in place if this is what has been found.

Thanks for the mention too :)

McGonagall said...

Information packed as always. Great stuff.

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