Saturday, May 02, 2009

Factions within the US government.

The Obama regime is not necessarily united when it comes to policies on matters such as China.

According to the distinguished journalist and writer Thierry Meyssan, on 1 May 2009, at voltairenet, there are four factions within the US government (Meeting with Thierry Meyssan ):

1. The Defense Faction.

This includes Robert Gates, 'the real boss in Washington', Brent Scowcroft and certain generals.

They want to:

Keep troops in Afghanistan.

Reach an agreement with Iran and Syria.

Neutralise Russia and China.

Keep the Pentagon as the strongest institution in the USA.

2. The Treasury and the Department of Commerce.

This includes Geithner and Paul Volcker, 'the Rockefeller protégés'.

They have the support of the Trilateral Commission.

They want to save both Wall Street and the City.

They see an opportunity to 'concentrate capital and to trample the resistance to globalization underfoot.'

They 'can grow richer by buying back industrial jewels for next to nothing.'

Unlike the Pentagon, they want an alliance with China.

They want to prevent the rise of an economic block centered on China and 'draining raw materials from Africa.'

And they note that China owns 40% of the US Treasury bonds.

3. The Department of State Faction.

This is led by Hillary Clinton, a Zionist.

They want unconditional support of Israel.

The Zionists 'will likely push for the Korbel-Albright-Rice project aiming at transforming the UN into a large impotent forum and creating a competing organization: the Community of Democracies backed by NATO, its armed wing.'

They aim 'to impose their men in the Ministries of Finance and at the head of the banking institutions all around the world.'

4. The National Security Council.

This is under the influence of Zbigniew Brzezinski.

They believe it's 'the astronomical debt required to fund the Iraq war that triggered the economic collapse of the United States.'

Unlike 1929, 'war won’t be the solution.'

They want to:

'Force the money back into the US by destroying the competing foreign tax havens and destabilizing the economies of the developed countries,' as 'tested in Greece.'

(And India?)

'Maintain the illusion of the US military power in pursuing the occupation of Afghanistan.'

Prevent an alliance between Syria, Iran and China.

Prevent an alliance between Russia and China (Shanghai Cooperation Organization).

More here: Meeting with Thierry Meyssan


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