Saturday, May 23, 2009


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China's economy began to accelerate in the first four months of 2009.

Growth this year could be close to 8%.

"Such optimism has fuelled commodity prices which have, in turn, brightened the outlook for Brazil and other commodity exporters."

- Decoupling 0

The UK intelligence services like to keep an eye on members of parliament.

John Wick is the man who provided the Daily Telegraph with the details of MP's expenses.

He has links to the spooks.

Wick commanded a British 'anti-terrorism' team during his ten-year military service.

He is now the head of a corporate intelligence company.

Possible results of the expenses row include:

1. More support for the pro-Israel party called UKIP.

2. The appointment of a new Speaker of the House of Commons, who may be of Jewish origin and, or, strongly pro-Israel.

3. Greater opportunities for people like Mossad to blackmail Members of Parliament.

MPs' expenses whistleblower: 'I wanted to expose the system to its rotten core'


In India, most children do not get a good education.

"They cannot count on their teachers showing up.

"After five years of classes, less than 60% will be able to read a short story and more than 60% will still be stumped by simple arithmetic." - leader

Video: Madeleine

Patsy? Paedophile named in search for Maddie faces quiz.

New McCann suspect 'was questioned by police but had an alibi'

The state sides with the abuser rather than the abused?

In chains, the 14-year-old boy accused of killing his 'abusive' father.

Baby P's 'manipulative, selfish' mother could be out in 3 years


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