Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Certain war objectors, mentally retarded people, the elderly... foreigners



The ultimate Nazis would seem to be American.

"Operation Midnight Climax was a series of CIA run brothels in San Francisco and New York.

"The operation paid prostitutes $100 a day to lure men into the net.

"The prostitutes spiked their Johns' drinks with LSD...

The CIA's Richard helms, the 'classic Nazi'.

"Operation MKULTRA was ... the brainchild of Richard Helms who later came to be a CIA director....

"The 'doctors' who participated in these experiments used some of the same techniques as the Nazi 'doctors'...

"Just as Nazi Germany had its 'expendables' the CIA had theirs.

Among the expendables the CIA had were ...
certain war objectors, mentally retarded people, the elderly... foreigners and, of course, any other man, woman or child who would fit the bill of need.

Water torture being used by USA personnel

"Some of the CIA tortures carried out involved sensory deprivation, bodily function deprivation and sleep deprivation in rooms with no windows and continuous light.

"Other forms of mind control involved drug - induced comas, a wide variety of drugs, brain surgery (pre-frontal lobotomy), massive Page-Russell electric shocks, and electo-convulsive treatments combined with endless interrogations that were tape recorded.

The 'USA' tortures a girl, as part of MKULTRA.

"These interrogations were calculated to induce certain required answers from the 'patient.'

"These tape recorded sessions were then played back to the patient by means of a helmet outfitted with headphones.

"The helmet was worn for days with the tape playing endlessly.

"Many times a combination of these techniques was used until the broken patient would succumb to death."

- CIA Operations: PaperClip, Mkultra, Mkdelta, Midnight Climax

The notorious Jacqui Smith.

A Briton is to sue UK Home Secretary Jacqui Smith over torture - UK minister faces 'torture' writ

Bolivia State Oil Drills New Fields

Holland shutting down jails for lack of criminals

Iran-Pak-Afghan Alliance?

North Korea’s Nukes: Paid For By The U.S. Government

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll

Check Out Your MEP's Voting Record

The Saviour of the "National" Health System

The Monstrous Alliance of Crap Architects and Foreign Developers



Adam O'Connell said...

What do you make of the Iran-Pak-Afghan Trilateral meetings?

Anon said...

There are people in Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan and India who would all like to be friends. Iran has valuable oil and gas and Pakistan and Afghanistan can provide pipelines leading to India. However, there are people in the USA who want to weaken and disrupt some or all of the above countries. And there is a suspicion that some of the leaders of these Asian countries are assets of the CIA.

McGonagall said...

CIA - LSD - Psychic Driving


1 Professor of Psychiatry, McGill University.

1. Psychic driving is a potent procedure/p=m-/it invariably produces responses in the patient, and often intense responses.

2. The responses tend ultimately to be therapeutic.

3. To account for the effects of psychic driving the following working hypotheses have been set up:

a. Penetration of shielding.—Defenses of the individual against the full implications of his verbal communications are circumvented by using air conduction only, rather than the synthesis of air and tissue conduction to deal with which his defenses were organized.

b. Driving./p=m-/Constant repetition of the verbal cue locks the patient into continual response in terms of the community of action tendencies of which the cue is part.

c. Talking and Listening.—Working ideas concerning these and their bearing on the penetrating effect of driving have been set forth.

d. Dynamic Implant.—A given period of psychic driving may continue to produce additional effects after the period of actual driving has been terminated. To account for this, a premise has been advanced that a period of psychic driving may set up within the individual an area of intensified responsiveness, which calls him back repeatedly into activation of the area concerned.

4. Psychic driving lends itself to a great many modifications with respect to its application. These have been listed, and include autopsychic and heteropsychic driving, variations in the mechanical procedures and variations in the preparation of the patient for psychic driving. It is still too early to determine the various particular values of these; the material presented has been derived primarily from short-term autopsychic driving without adjuvants.

Jonny Strange said...

There is now a web series about Operation Midnight Climax that stars Meredith Salenger and Quinton Flynn: http://www.strangescience.tv

Wondering Numbers said...

I'm one of their experiments as usual. They made it so that I have no awareness, no emotion, and I contradict myself constantly because I can't censor thought. I can't even think. They did a lobotomy to me among other things, mostly messing up my left side. I'm constantly moving and fidget because my lack of thought makes me lash out. I rock, and I scratch myself. I refuse to die, however. I want my brain fixed. I want to join them. I want the power. I want to survive. I want to rule over them all.

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