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Robert Gates reportedly has links to Lockerbie, the October Surprise and Iran-Contra

Alex Salmond will have to rule on the Lockerbie bomber's possible return to Libya

Martin Cadman, 84, from King's Lynn, Norfolk, had a son Bill who died in the Lockerbie Bombing.

Martin is quoted by The Scotsman, 7 May 2009 (return to Libya), as saying that the proposed transfer is an attempt to 'bully' Megrahi into admitting his guilt.

He said: "I am afraid the idea that Lockerbie was a cover-up is all the more increased by this disgraceful arrangement.

"I thought once the appeal had started, the Scottish authorities would have said it ought to go through.

"It is very clear that, after 20 years, those who want to cover this up are beginning to win."

Barrie Berkley, from Hexham, Northumberland, had a son Alistair who was killed in the bombing.

Barrie said he hoped Megrahi's appeal would continue.

"We want the appeal to go through because it's the main means of us getting further information about how our family members died or why they died," he said.

Liberal Democrat and Conservative politicians are opposed to any transfer to Libya.

The Scottish Liberal Democrat leader Tavish Scott has said: "This application should be refused."

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McGonagall said...

it's a dilemma. It's not Magrahi's job to expose the truth. If, as many now believe, the man was stitched up he should be sent home as quickly as possible - especially if, as reported, he has a terminal illness. How then to find the truth without going through the appeals procedure?

nobody said...

Thanks Aangirfan,

Stories about victims of terrorist attacks disbelieving the government lies and demanding full investigations are pure media poison. The media would rather bite their own heads off rather than touch it. And the Scotsman printed this did they? Wow.

Anyway it's nice to have another arrow in the quiver to answer those disinfo arse-wipes who declare that we may not question a given terror attack on account of the feelings of the victim's families.

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