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Vietnam and Sex and War

Ho Chi Minh

Vietnam is one of just four Asian countries expected to expand in 2009, along with China, India and Indonesia. (Vietnam 2009 growth seen at 4.75 percent: IMF )

But, reportedly, Vietnam has its problems in regards to the treatment of women and children.

In 2004, a Taiwanese man tried to sell three Vietnamese women on eBay.

There was a starting bid of $5,400. (Vietnam's global human trafficking an inhuman epidemic)


On August 19th 2008 Vietnam expelled Gary Glitter after he had served almost three years in prison for indecency with two girls aged 11.

Reportedly, Vietnamese women and children are trafficked abroad to the USA, Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Macau, Malaysia, Taiwan, and the Czech Republic, for commercial sexual exploitation. (Vietnam's global human trafficking an inhuman epidemic)

In 2008 it was reported that: "Approximately 130 women were held prisoner, some in dog cages, at a Ho Chi Minh City brothel.

"The women were forced to work as prostitutes 18 hours per day, local media reports say.

"The Thanh Nien newspaper said police found the women after launching a raid triggered by letters from the captive women, but the brothel owner got away.

"The Vietnamese newspaper said the women, many of whom were from poor rural families, were kept as slaves in debt bondage and if they refused to perform sexual acts on customers they were severely punished by the owner, known as Tri, and his men."

- China Confidential: Vietnamese Sex Slaves Kept in Dog Cages

There have been allegations about Ho Chi Minh's sex life. The allegations, by critics of Ho, may or may not be true.

A quote from 'HO CHI MINH'S TRUE COLORS' by Nguyen Minh Can (The Ky 21 Monthly Magazine):

"There is a young girl from the Nung ethnic group in Cao Bang, called Nong Thi Xuan.

"She was brought in to 'serve' Uncle Ho.

"She brought her younger sister Nong Thi Vang and a female cousin with her to Hanoi. Later she had a boy child with Uncle Ho. The boy was named Nguyen Tat Trung. There was also a rumor that she had with him another girl child named Nguyen Thi Trinh.

"Then Mr. Tran Quoc Hoan (Minister of Public Security) raped her at the house in Hang Bong Nhuom, murdered her and covered the crime by fabricating an auto accident on Nhat Tan. After the older sister was killed, the younger sister ran back to Cao Bang and was also be murdered to get rid of the clues. Her cousin could not escape his bloody hands either. Vang's fiancé already wrote a letter to inform against the culprit." - STARTLING DISCLOSURES OF HO CHI MINH'S TRUE COLORS

Sex Slavery & Murder __

VIETNAM - What actually happened

John Pilger, in an article entitled 'First, They Attack the Past' writes:

The final declaration of the Geneva conference divided Vietnam "temporarily" until free national elections were held on July 26, 1956.

There was little doubt that Ho Chi Minh would win and form Vietnam's first democratically elected government.

Certainly, President Eisenhower was in no doubt of this. "I have never talked with a person knowledgeable in Indochinese affairs," he wrote, "who did not agree that ... 80 percent of the population would have voted for the communist Ho Chi Minh as their leader."

Not only did the United States refuse to allow the UN to administer the agreed elections two years later, but the "democratic" regime in the south was an invention.

One of the inventors, the CIA official Ralph McGhee, describes in his masterly book Deadly Deceits how a brutal expatriate mandarin, Ngo Dinh Diem, was imported from New Jersey to be "president" and a fake government was put in place. "The CIA," he wrote, "was ordered to sustain that illusion through propaganda [placed in the media]."

Phony elections were arranged, hailed in the West as "free and fair," with American officials fabricating "an 83 percent turnout despite Vietcong terror."

"The terrorists," whom the Americans called the Vietcong, were ... southern Vietnamese defending their homeland against the American invasion and whose resistance was popular. For Vietnam, read Iraq.

And, reportedly, "The day General McArthur signed the peace treaty with Japan half the weapons stored on Okinawa were shipped to Ho Chi Minh and General Giap who met these shipments at the docks of Hai Phong harbor with Lucien Conein, the CIA case officer for Diem."



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Oh what a deadly web we weave when first we practice to deceive.

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Senator Syvret has been arrested.

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