Friday, April 10, 2009


David Cameron may be Britain's next Prime Minister. He leads the Conservative Party.

Alleged quotes on Cameron (David Cameron - Uncyclopedia, the content-free encyclopedia):

"He always enjoyed a good 'scrum-up' in the showers!"
- Boris Johnson on David Cameron

"Toff on crime, toff on the causes of crime!"
- Mock the Week on David Cameron

In the UK, e-mails about the private life of David Cameron came into the possession of Paul Staines, who writes the Guido Fawkes political blog.

BBC political correspondent Laura Kuenssburg said she understood the author of the e-mails is Damian McBride, who is close to Gordon Brown.

The emails were originally sent to Derek Draper, a close friend of Lord Mandelson.

In January 2009, Draper set up a website, The site attacked Paul Staines, aka Guido Fawkes”. Staines flew to America to investigate Draper’s academic past.

Row as Number 10 emails 'smear Tories' / No 10 apology over 'slur' e-mails

McBride Spinning for His Career - Guy Fawkes' blog

aangirfan: David Cameron - rich and well connected

PETER OBORNE: Sorry, but a Tory election victory is far from certain

Pathologist in G20 death case had been previously reprimanded by the General Medical Council.

MI6 False flag to prepare the public for a US attack on Pakistan? "Intensive searches of at least 10 addresses linked to the suspected al-Qaida plot in northern Britain have so far failed to turn up any clear evidence of a terrorist conspiracy, despite the huge resources devoted.

"Forty-eight hours after the arrests, sources close to the inquiry say no evidence has been found of bombs, bomb-making parts, precursor chemicals to make explosives, a bomb factory, weapons or ammunition." - Bomb intelligence from Pakistan op

No credible evidence of Al Qaeda presence in Pakistan, says FO

Internet Rankings are Massively Gamed

We have always found Alexa to be innaccurate.

According to Alexa, 50.3 % of users come from Pakistan.


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