Tuesday, April 07, 2009


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Most inventions come from Scotland.

Scotland has a government which is anti-war.

Scotland's SNP (Scottish National Party) government has limited powers but hopes to win independence for Scotland.

The USA and The Establishment are opposed to the SNP.

The SNP proves that anti-establishment parties can win elections!

subrosa/ reminds us that the SNP is 75 Today

"Happy Birthday to the Scottish National Party which is 75 today. Winnie Ewing is due to cut the cake and even the Herald has published an article by Alex Salmond.

"David of Notworkingfortheclampdown has a super post (including some photographs I've never seen), detailing events since 1934 so please do have a read. We all need to refresh our memories at times and to recall where we've been and where we're going."


SNP - A Timeline


aangirfan: Scotland pays its own way

aangirfan: GLENROTHES like 2004 ELECTION in the USA

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