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Not Secret


On 8 March 2009, the media published photographs of a top UK anti-terrorism policeman, Bob Quick, as he was heading to a meeting at 10 Downing Street.

Quick appears to be deliberately, or accidentally, showing off a document labeled "Secret".

The document reportedly suggests to us that there really are Pakistani al Qaeda 'terrorists' out there.

After the publication of these photos, the police allegedly felt they had to make immediate arrests of the Pakistanis they had been watching. The arrest operation was brought forward 12 hours.

Reportedly, the USA and its allies want to break up Pakistan. It is important for the public to be brainwashed into seeing Pakistanis as being bad, dangerous people.

On 8 March 2009, ten Pakistanis, with suspected links to al Qaeda (CIA), were arrested by a counter-terrorism unit in North West England.

The timing is interesting.

The UK police want to distract attention away from the killing of Ian Tomlinson at the G20 summit; and want to emphasise that the police are facing dangerous 'terrorist' enemies.

"I'm going to go way out on a limb here and suggest that this operation was carried out because Police felt the need to take the heat off of their comrades in the City of London Police Force." -[Deliberate?] 'Security leak' prompts arrests in suspected al Qaeda plot.

However, Quick has been sacked. (Terror blunder: police chief Bob Quick under pressure to resign)

Quick has been replaced by John Yates

Lord WEST did not get sacked.

In 1986, Captain Alan West of the British navy removed secret documents from the Ministry of Defence 'without permission', carried them in his coat pocket when they should have been in a security briefcase, and then lost the documents.

He 'failed to tell the MoD immediately of their loss'. ( )

It is suspected that the navy wanted the secret documents, which were about naval cuts, to be lost, and then found by the media.

West got promoted.

From 1989 to 1992 West was in charge of Naval Intelligence.
In 1997 West was appointed Chief of Defence Intelligence.

The 9 11 attacks took place on 11 September 2001.
In 2002, West was promoted to become head of the navy as First Sea Lord.

In 2006, West became Chairman of the QinetiQ Defence Advisory Board. Qinetiq is a defence technology company.

Admiral Sir Alan West became Gordon Brown's security minister.

Photo of Algiers by Damien Boilley. Source: Flickr.

Algeria is holding elections and, as in the USA, the contest is predetermined by the power of the state... In oil-rich Algeria, there is high unemployment, rampant corruption and chronic poverty Algeria's dangerous voting cocktail

aangirfan: Algeria - Is the military behind the terror?

aangirfan: Algeria, Oil, Mossad, terror...

An Amnesty report accuses Algerian security forces and state-armed militias of "massive" human rights violations, including extrajudicial executions and other unlawful killings. They were also responsible, the report alleges, of numerous enforced disappearances, secret and arbitrary detentions and torture and other ill treatment of thousands of real or suspected members or supporters of armed groups. - Impunity's third term

Oral sex linked to throat cancer

Rwanda accused win UK court case

Chimpanzees exchange meat for sex

Military Whistleblower Claims She Witnessed Flight 93 Shootdown Order

Olmert's Nightmare - The Growing Belief in a One-State Solution

In MOLDOVA, the communists have performed well in the elections.

Election observers from the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe said in preliminary findings that the vote was largely free and democratic.

Is the CIA at work? Moldova rioters have overrun Parliament

What is behind unrest in Moldova?

Moldova accuses Romania of 'attempted coup'



Greg Bacon said...

An Amnesty report accuses Algerian security forces and state-armed militias of "massive" human rights violations

Another "al Qeada" boogieman appearance, no doubt.

Mohammed Samraoui, the Algerian army’s deputy chief counterintelligence specialist, will later desert in disgust and explain in a French trial that the Algerian army helped create the Groupe Islamique Armé (GIA), supposedly an Islamist militant group linked to al-Qaeda fighting the Algerian government. He will say that in the months before an Algerian army coup in January 1992 the Algerian army “created the GIA” in an attempt to weaken and destroy the Islamic Salvation Front (FIS), an Islamist political party poised to take power in elections.

A long-time Algerian secret agent known only by the codename Yussuf-Joseph who defected to Britain will later claim that the bombings in France were supported by Algerian intelligence in order to turn French public opinion against the Islamic opposition in Algeria. He says that intelligence agents went sent to France by General Smain Lamari, head of the Algerian counterintelligence department, to directly organize at least two of the French bombings. The operational leader was actually Colonel Souames Mahmoud, head of the intelligence at the Algerian Embassy in Paris. [OBSERVER, 11/9/1997]

Anonymous said...

I think this Bob Quick has just resigned from his position but is still with the Police.

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