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In August 2008, Pakistan spy chief Pasha, on the right, meets Admiral Mullen, on the left. Reportedly, Pasha is closely allied to General Kayani and the CIA. Reportedly, he holds anti-Taliban views. [7][5] Pakistan military boss Kayani appears next to Pasha.

According to a report by Stratfor, in early April 2009, Pakistan's spy chief, Lt Gen Ahmed Shuja Pasha, refused to meet Admiral Mullen and Richard Holbrooke, when they recently visited Islamabad. - ISI chief Pasha snubs Holbrooke and Mullen / Holbrooke's trip exposes standoff between US, Pakistan

However, State Department spokesman Robert Wood told reporters that Special Envoy Richard Holbrooke and American military commander Admiral Mike Mullen did have a meeting with ISI Chief Ahmed Shuja Pasha. Holbrooke and Mullen met ISI chief Pasha: US :: Samay Live

Apparently, Pasha did not meet Holbrooke alone; but he did meet Holbrooke.

In other words, Pasha wants to give the appearance of not being a Washington puppet.

AHMED QURAISHI, on 8 April 2009, at wrote an article entitled: Pakistan To America: Back Off

Among the points made:

1. Reportedly, elements of the Pakistan government, have recently become less trusting of the USA. (Holbrooke's trip exposes standoff between US, Pakistan)

Reportedly, the Pakistan government has stated that it will not allow the United States to expand its war inside Pakistan; it will not allow U.S. soldiers to operate in Pakistan; and it insists that the CIA must stop its drone attacks.

Reportedly a former Pakistani air force chief, Air Chief Marshal (retired) Kaleem Saadat, has announced that the Pakistani Air Force is ready to shoot down the CIA's drones.

2. At a press briefing in Islamabad, Richard Holbrooke, America’s envoy to Pakistan and Afghanistan, and Adm. Mike Mullen, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, appeared surprised at the 'straightforward' talk by Foreign Minister Shah Mehmood Qureshi.

3. In early April 2009, the leader of the main opposition party in Pakistan, Chaudhry Pervez Elahi of PML, told a press conference that his party favored rejecting U.S. aid if the trade off is to give up Pakistan’s national interest.

4. "Pakistani officials are seriously concerned about mounting circumstantial evidence indicating the U.S. is ... using Afghanistan ... as a base for spreading terrorism and mayhem inside ...Pakistan.

"The suspicions are especially centered on evidence that someone in Afghanistan is pumping trained operatives and saboteurs in the garb of Islamic militants inside Pakistan. These operatives and agents then go about spreading death and destruction in the name of ‘Pakistani Taliban’.

"There are also serious questions about why the CIA drones fail to attack shadowy militant leaders inside Pakistani tribal zone whose main mission is to attack and kill Pakistanis.

"In comparison, the Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan focus on fighting the occupation forces and have never advocated attacking Pakistani interests despite Islamabad having ditched them seven years ago."

5. "There is even more evidence that Afghan soil is also being used to spread ethnic and sectarian tensions inside Pakistan and recruit, train and sponsor separatists for this purpose."

In Afghanistan, there is a "huge presence of Indian intelligence ... disguised as diplomats and social workers."

6. Pakistan's "former Chief of Army Staff Gen. Mirza Aslam Baig wrote a paper as far back as 2007 that listed locations inside Afghanistan where U.S. or some of its allies have established intelligence outposts focused on penetrating four nations that share borders with or are close to Afghanistan. These four nations are Russia, China, Iran and Pakistan."

7. In November 2007, commentator Ahmed Quraishi "authored a report that said that the next logical step for the severe destabilization seen in Pakistan that year would be a high-value assassination of either President Musharraf or Benazir Bhutto, the two key leaders in Pakistan at the time, which would spin Pakistan out of control."

8. "There have been reports for some time now that certain departments within the U.S. government have been conducting ‘private foreign policies’ directly with the families that control Pakistani political parties. Some of the leaders of these families were invited to secret visits to Washington as part of this confidential dialogue."

9. "Holbrooke, would come to Pakistan "to meet the Pakistani President, Prime Minister, Army chief, ISI chief, and whoever else mattered, and all of them separately, and then play one party against the other, a sort of an improvement on the old British method of divide and rule.

"Another sign of manipulation is the Zardari-Nawaz rivalry."

Pakistan To America: Back Off © 2007-2009. All rights reserved. & PakNationalists

Gordon Brown, who allegedly works for the CIA, may be helping the USA against Pakistan.

The UK government appears to be trying to help the USA in its 'plot' against Pakistan.

'UK Bomb plot' a complete hoax?

Saddam and his generals reportedly worked for the CIA. Image from: dailymail./Son-Saddam-Husseins-general-living-Britain.l

Will the Pakistan military protect Pakistan, or are the key players working for the CIA?

Mostaque Ali (So Whats the next step for Pakistan? ) writes:

"The Drones are being fired from Pakistani military bases and thus requires the permission and cooperation of the Pakistani military first and foremost.

"The Pakistani military are fighting side by side in terms of policy with the Americans in FATA attacking Pakistani civilians in FATA.

"The civilian leadership don't have a say in this..."

Mostaque Ali (So Whats the next step for Pakistan? ) continues:

"Do remember that the head of the Iraqi Mukabarat under Saddam was working for America, in 2003, as were most of Saddam's generals.

"This is why the Iraqi military of 400,000, one of the best in the world no doubt stood down when the Americans came to 'liberate' their country...

"Now what if the Pakistan military stand down in the face of an American invasion?

"10 meetings between Mullen and Kiyani in just over a year...

"How can you be sure that the Pakistani military top brass, trained in the USA mainly, is totally loyal to Pakistan? Present indications are not encouraging..."

Pakistan's president "Zardari is using his public position to make business deals to enrich himself and thus visit various countries, and thats about it..."

Zardari has spent time in jail.

Formerly, "Zardari after being released went to live in Jew York in 2004.

"Benazir also spent an inordinate amount of time in the USA in the late 1990's and there after, giving speeches to the CFR etc.

"Sharif mainly shuttled between the Gulf and Saudi Arabia which is a country that has significant influence in Pakistan, but not overt like the Americans the Saudis don't operate that way, and of course LONDON, no less influential in Pakistani politics. And of course Sharifs visit to the American embassy more recently."

So Whats the next step for Pakistan?


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