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Dave Pelzer suffered from child abuse.

"When he and his brothers did something wrong, Dave was the one to receive punishment... His mother began spending her days watching TV and drinking beer. Instead of banishment, Mrs. Pelzer smashed Dave's face against the mirror, then made him repeat, over and over, 'I'm a bad boy!'

"Dave's father soon joined his mother in her drinking. He did not join in the abuse, but he did not to stop it." - Biography of Dave Pelzer, Child Abuse Victim and Bestselling Author

"Dave Pelzer wrote A Child Called It as a cathartic exercise and published it himself. It was picked up later by a publishing house and received wide media coverage, with Oprah Winfrey...

"According to Orion UK Publishing's Trevor Dolby: "We get 10 letters a day from people saying the first book mirrors their own childhood, which is very depressing..." - BBC - Dave Pelzer: Dave who?

Dave Pelzer was born in Daly City, California, to Stephen Pelzer and Catherine Roerva Pelzer (née Christen) and was the second of five boys.

As a child, Dave Pelzer was abused by his mother.

His teachers stepped in on March 5, 1973 and 12-year-old Pelzer was placed in foster care.

Supporting Pelzer's story is schoolteacher Megan Schreiner, who wrote, "In my 31 years of teaching, David Pelzer was the most severely abused child I have ever known."[5]

His brother, Richard also supports his story, and has written a book himself, A Brother's Journey, which chronicles his own abuse.[6]

In 1979, Dave Pelzer joined the Air Force.

He published his first book in 1995.

"His commitment to his work cost Pelzer his second marriage, and he lives apart from his son from his first." - Decca Aitkenhead talks to author Dave Pelzer about his fourth self help book...

Dave Pelzer's Official Website

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