Sunday, April 26, 2009

Amnesty tells us some of the bad things about Obama

Amnesty chief Kate Allen, on 26 April 2009, tells us some of the bad things about Obama

Amnesty chief: At the rate Obama is going, it will take us 65 years to close Guantanamo

According to Kate Allen:

1. More troops are being sent to Afghanistan.

2. Apart from Binyam Mohamed, not a single prisoner has been released from Guantanamo since Obama took office.

3. A Boeing subsidiary company illegally flew illegally detained people between prisons, as part of the CIA's 'extraordinary rendition' programme.

Former victims have tried to bring the Boeing company to book.

The Obama government has blocked all their attempts.

4. In April 2009, White House lawyers sought to stop more than 500 prisoners held at the US-run Bagram prison in Afghanistan from being able to challenge their indefinite detention - detention without charges or trials.

Several inmates have died in custody, apparently after sustained torture.

5. The danger now is of quiet reversal to Bush-era behaviour.



McGonagall said...

Obama is just another front man for the global corporate agenda.

Anonymous said...

i think people are starting to realise that obama is little different to the last reptile.

Very clever how they mobilied the black vote by using a mixed race white guy. I suspect they did this as a statement of their power. to hear this man being compared to JFK, MLK etc is sickening.

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