Tuesday, March 03, 2009


Pakistan’s Munich: The Enemy’s Fingerprints

In Pakistan, "the Navy chief and a deputy attorney general – together have destroyed Rehman Malik’s case of ‘admission of guilt’ in Mumbai attacks. - Pakistani Military Torpedoes Pro-U.S. Govt.’s Case On Mumbai

"For some strange reason, the hordes of Indian photojournalists failed to capture the picture of any of the terrorists except Ajmal Kassab. And strangely, he was the only one to survive. Even more strangely, he turns out to be Pakistani." - Ahmed Quraishi.com

Achieving peace inside Pakistan against all odds

France calls for NATO Afghan pullout

The Geopolitical Great Game: Turkey and Russia Moving Closer

Turkey: 12 years since the last military intervention, new coup feared

UK Ex Ambasador / ex FCO xplains how Ministers sanctioned torture - OK if e don't use it as evidence ina court of law - othewise fine and dandy

Science Museum accused over links to Israel

Attack on cricketers in Pakistan; MI6, CIA, Mossad


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