Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Information and disinformation from Gordon Thomas?

The head of MI6 "has a desk console that links him instantly to the prime minister, the heads of the Central Intelligence Agency and Israel's Mossad...

"The Provisional IRA's increasing links to the Eastern Bloc during the 1970s and, through the KGB, to international terrorists like George Habash and his Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine, were developed in Belfast by the Mossad's director of operations, Rafi Eitan...

"Thomas believes that Bin Laden presents a uniquely threatening case..." - 'Secret Wars: One Hundred Years of British Intelligence Inside MI5 ...

Time is running out for War Criminal Jack Straw - the torturers apprentice

Writing in a letter in the Times, the peers say that although the government has repeatedly denied that it condones torture, "the conflict between evidence and official denials is stark, and is undermining trust in our stated commitment to human rights". - Peers call for independent inquiry into allegations of UK role in ...

Bassam al-Haidari, 26, was found guilty of writing to Ehud Olmert, the Israeli prime minister, offering to work as an agent for Israel's Mossad intelligence - Death penalty in Israel spy case

A British charity worker twice cleared of terror charges in the UK is being hunted in Bangladesh after explosives were seized at an orphanage he founded. Hunted in Bangladesh... the terror suspect freed twice by courts in Britain

Syvret loses High Court bid

Gordon Brown retreats on spending as market sounds warning

Prosecutors told to hand over vital Lockerbie bombing evidence

Chen is accused of embezzlement, taking bribes and money laundering. Ex-Taiwan leader in graft trial


Indonesia's parliament:

"Top priority bills on the health services and a corruption court still await attention, the Jakarta Post reported this month.

"Out of 550 members, less than 100 had bothered to show up for work...

"Several members of parliament have been arrested and charged with taking bribes...

However, "Several provinces and districts have established a strong record for relatively clean and effective governance." - Indonesia vote change aims for cleaner politics

Indonesia's President sees growth at 4.5 pct in 2009

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