Monday, March 30, 2009

SICK UK HOSPITALS? John Francis Smith and the Wilson Plot.

Would you be safe here?

Recently we heard a story about a UK hospital where a group of doctors and surgeons got sick.

Reportedly, one of the surgeons discovered that a hospital cleaner was cleaning the doctor's kitchen with the same cloths used to clean the toilets.

I have found hospitals in parts of Third World Asia to be much cleaner and much more efficient than the typical UK hospital.

In UK hospitals, deaths involving Clostridium difficile rose by 69% from 2004-05, the Office for National Statistics has said. (BBC NEWS Health Hospital bug deaths on the rise)

Reportedly, UK hospitals have too many managers and too many of these managers do a very poor job.

According to Sir Gerry Robinson, "There are 5,000 more people now employed to tend to organisation than there are consultants (senior doctors).... in the case of the NHS, what we need are far fewer – albeit far better – managers. " 'Cure the NHS with far fewer managers'

Just as the UK education system has been ruined by bad management, by both local and national governments, so the UK National Health Service has been damaged by idiot officialdom.

Recent government ministers in charge of the UK health service:

Alan Milburn (11 October 1999 - 13 June 2003) - resigned
John Reid (13 June 2003 - 6 May 2005)
Patricia Hewitt (6 May 2005 - 27 June 2007)
Alan Johnson (28 June 2007 - )


John Francis Smith died in the Royal Free Hospital in London.

"From the paperwork retrieved from his Hampstead home and confirmation of his employment details with the NHS which began in February 1977, I was certain that John had been involved with or exposed to a very significant occurence in shadow government between 1974-1976. There is little doubt that as a time-served Government Service employee during that turbulent period in British history, he would have had some knowledge of The Wilson Plot, Wallace and Clockwork Orange." (Director General of MI5 humiliated in whistleblower battle against ... )

VIDEO: "Exposing the Royal Free Hampstead NHS 'Trust' [London's dirtiest 'hospital'] for MRSA infections and foreign born staff who conveniently claim they cannot speak !English" when they have been caught out!

"The editor of has been trying to obtain a copy of the post mortem report on his uncle [British Government whistleblower] John Francis Smith and has been met with a wall of silence, dirty tricks and blocking tactics ordered by the corrupt New Labour regime....

"In another NHS body parts scandal his heart and lungs were removed to advance "medical science". J F Smith died of heart disease and cause of death was known before death and therefore no post mortem was necessary.

"But in the event, the post mortem left J F Smith's body so badly disfigured that his family could not view him in the coffin before his funeral!"

VIDEO: "NHS Chief Executive Andrew Way proved a serial liar by a News Alliance sting to expose corruption at the Royal Free Hospital in London.

"Several times Andrew Way claimed administration officer Duncan Moore (Director General of MI5 humiliated in whistleblower battle against ... ) did not work for the hospital.

"But News Alliance showed that Moore did work at the hospital by telephoning the switchboard several times on different dates to prove Moore still worked at the hospital. But even after proving Moore works at the hospital, Andrew Way continues to deny this fact in an act of typical New Labour clinical delusion.

"The toothless Healthcare Commission upheld the complaint against Andrew Way and the hospital but took no action against anyone. This investigation shows it is time to clean-up the NHS by getting New Labour out of power permanently!"


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