Monday, March 30, 2009

Racist Israeli Fascists

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Haaretz, on 17 March 2009, has an article by Bradley Burston, entitled THE RACIST ISRAELI FASCIST IN ME

Burston refers to people who ask about the Israelis:

What is with these blights on the backside of humanity?

A vast war machine pretending to be a tiny country, a mobilized citizenry sterilized of morality, drained of compassion, bereft of conscience, bestial in war, imperial in ambition, Goliathized in its marriage of high tech and high explosive;

incorrigibly bigoted bullying simpletons, little more than racists who vote for racists, fascists who fall for fascists, an embarrassment to the West, an embarrassment to the Jews, an embarrassment, at root, to the progressive individual who asks the question.

Burston then goes on to refer to rockets.

"But the world should know this: No matter how progressive the government in Israel, no matter how grave the suffering of the Palestinians in Gaza, without an end to the rockets, there will be no peace process and certainly no peace. While the rockets are flying, nothing else moves."

Burston fails to mention that things were OK during the truce, which Israel ended.

Burston fails to mention that top Israelis are on record as wanting a Greater Israel.


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