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On 26 March 2009, Haaretz had an article by Adam Abrams entitled New World Order?

Among the points made by Abrams:

1. The US has troops stationed in over 150 countries worldwide; and the US has been fighting costly wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The US has vast debts and may be "irreversibly overextending itself".

2. "New world order" can mean:

A. A change in the balance of power.

B. A world dictatorship

3. If the U.S. collapses in the same way that Iceland has, this could lead to a new world order.

According to Professor Willem Buiter, at the London School of Economics, "There will, before long ... be a global dumping of U.S. dollar assets..."

Peter Schiff, president of the stock brokerage firm Euro Pacific Capital Inc. predicts that gold will climb to $2,000 per ounce.

According to Ron Paul : "Americans have suffered a steadily eroding purchasing power because of the Federal Reserve's inflationary policies."

Gerald Celente, the CEO of Trends Research Institute, forecasts that by 2012 there will be a revolution in the U.S., accompanied by food riots and tax rebellions.

New World Order - a change in the balance of power.

4. What might replace the USA as the world's dominant player?

One possibility is the United Nations.

In 1991, in Congress, George H. W. Bush said:

"...We can see a new world coming into view... A world where the United Nations ... is poised to fulfill the historic vision of its founders..."

In January 2009, Henry Kissinger told CNBC that the world economic crisis is a "great opportunity" for Obama to help form a "new world order."

In June 2007, Gordon Brown said: "I believe it will be said of this age, the first decades of the 21st century, that out of the greatest restructuring of the global economy, perhaps even greater than the industrial revolution, a new world order was created."

5. It seems unlikely that governments will willingly surrender sovereignty to the United Nations.

6. However, what if there was 'an unpheaval on a massive scale'?

"The only such event that seems even remotely likely is the end of Western global dominance and the transfer of global hegemony to the Eurasian powers.

"Perhaps it would not be a 'global government', but a 'new world order', with the central power of the world residing in Asia.

"... If the Chinese government decided to dump all of its U.S. dollars, the entire U.S. economy would collapse overnight.

"But would China do that?

"The motivation would be two-fold; firstly, the U.S. Federal Reserve's 'inflationary policies' (as described by Ron Paul) devalue the U.S. currency to the point that China no longer has an incentive to hold U.S. dollars, and secondly, China sees an opportunity to become the dominant player in the new world order...

"The collapse of the United States of America would certainly create the chaos necessary to justify the formation of a new global reserve currency and ultimately a new world order, with its central power residing in Eurasia."


Chinese Ambassdor to Israel Chen Yonglong (R) and Israeli Deputy Prime Minister Shimon Peres pose for a photo in Herzliyya, Israel, on July 12, 2006.

The Chinese are said to be the Jews of Asia.

The Chinese and the Israelis have become firm friends.

1. Leo Gleser, an Israeli, is the owner and managing director of International Security and Defense Systems. He and his company are taking part in securing the Olympic Games. - One Israeli was served part of the security pie at Beijing

2. Testifying before a Senate committee in October 1993, CIA Director James Woolsey said, "We believe the Chinese seek from Israel advanced military technology that U.S. and Western firms are unwilling to provide."[8] (At What Cost Israel-China Ties? - Middle East Quarterly)

In 1992, the George H.W. Bush administration accused Israel of illegally 'transferring' to China the Patriot anti-missile system, which the Pentagon deployed in Israel during the Kuwait crisis.[5]

In 1994, U.S. media reports accused Israel of unauthorized transfer of technology associated with the Lavi jet fighter to China.[9]

In 2004, the Bush administration objected to the Israeli government's decision to repair and upgrade the Harpy unmanned aerial vehicle that Israel had sold to China in the 1990s.[12]

3. China is involved in business with Israel. China is Israel's number 2 trading partner.

Hundreds of Israeli high-tech, chemical, and agricultural technology companies have seen exports to China boom. ( The China-Israel connection)

The amount of trade between China and Israel has increased from $50 million in 1992 to about $4.5 billion in 2007.

The China Civil Engineering Construction Corporation (CCECC) is digging Israel's Carmel Tunnel. It is involved in the civil engineering aspect of the Red Line of Tel Aviv's light-rail project. ZPMC, the Chinese manufacturer of cranes and metal equipment, is to supply seven bridge cranes to the Haifa port. ('Israeli Miracle' is developing strong ties with Communist China)

4. To some people in South East Asia, it may seem that it is Chinese billionaires who control the economies and the governments.

In Indonesia, ethnic Chinese make up less than 4 percent of the population but allegedly control around 70 percent of the major businesses. In recent times, twelve of the 15 wealthiest families were Chinese.

Chinese oligarchs are influential in countries such as Thailand, the Philippines and Malaysia.



su said...

South Africa has recently denied the Dalai Lama a visa to attend a peace conference here.
The reason is because China and South Africa signed an undisclosed deal in September and China informed us that by allowing the Dalai Lama into our country we would be damaging bilateral relations.

I am putting this in my pipe and smoking it which is making me nauseous. This is a country which knows all about human rights violations and which should be leading the movement for peace.
I am afraid that Tutu and Mandela no longer have the influence over this newly bought mob.
Credo Mutwa our prophet said some twenty years ago that the greatest threat to Africa would come from China.
I cringe in anticipation.

Anonymous said...

As we fight and argue amongst ourselves over petty differences and point the finger at each other it seems that nobody is paying attention to the big picture. There are only three types of people in the world.

1. People who make things happen. 4%

2. People who watch things happen. 6 %

3. Sheeple who say, What happened? 90%

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