Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mehsud of the CIA?

Mehsud, who will be used by the CIA to get US troops into Pakistan?

Baithullah Mehsud, a 'deceased' tribal leader in Pakistan, may have links to the CIA. (Winter Patriot: Is Pakistan's "Public Enemy Number One" A CIA Asset ?. )

Pakistani officials have complained that the US has failed to hit Mehsud with drone attacks despite them having supplied co-ordinates three times. (BBC NEWS South Asia Profile: Baitullah Mehsud )

CNN and other media sources reported the death of Baithullah Mehsud, on 30 September 2008.

His death was reportedly due to kidney failure.[33] (Sources: Man blamed for Bhutto killing is dead - CNN.com)

Mehsud of the CIA?

The Daily Mail (UK) reported on 31 March 2009 that Mehsud is now promising an attack on Washington:

The Taliban promises an attack on Washington that will 'amaze' the world ...

Mehsud, 'the top Taliban commander in Pakistan' has reportedly claimed responsibility for an attack on a police academy in Pakistan that left 18 dead.

"And Baitullah Mehsud also promised an assault on Washington 'soon' - one he said will 'amaze' the world."

'Mastermind' of Lahore massacre captured alive

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