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Indian government minister Shibu Soren was convicted of murder.

Some big democracies seem to be run in part by criminals.

This may work to the advantage of the CIA and Mossad when they want to influence policy on nuclear or terror issues.

In India, the world's biggest democracy, there are 'criminals' in parliament and government.

At Newsweek, 7 March 2009, Jason Overdorf wrote about the criminals in India's parliament. (New Rules Expose Criminals in India's Parliament Newsweek)

In India's current parliament, according to Newsweek:

The coal minister, Shibu Soren, stepped down after he was convicted of murder.

Shibu Soren had become coal minister after being put on trial for the alleged kidnapping and murder of his former personal secretary and the alleged massacre of 11 people in sectarian violence.

Several M.P.s are serving life sentences for murder.

128 of the 543 M.P.s have faced criminal charges, including:

84 cases of murder,

17 cases of robbery

and 28 cases of theft and extortion.

One M.P. faces 17 separate murder charges.

Eleven M.P.s have recently been expelled for taking bribes.

The two main parties are Congress and the BJP.

About a fifth of the representatives of these two major parties have been under investigation for criminal activity.

"The general opinion is that the influence of criminals in politics is steadily increasing," states Himanshu Jha of the National Social Watch Coalition.


Is this important to Americans and Europeans?

In 2008, the USA and India made a nuclear pact.

Before the Indian parliament voted on this, Indian Prime Minister Singh and the Congress party were deserted by their allies from the left parties.

Then the Samajwadi Party, whose leader Mulayam Singh Yadav was being investigated for corruption by the Central Bureau of Investigation, switched to supporting the nuclear pact.

There were stories of cash being exchanged for votes.

The pact was passed in parliament.

The CBI dropped its case against the Samajwadi Party leader.

And the investigation into the "cash for votes" came to an end.

The Indian police are seen as being corrupt. Can a 'corrupt' police force hold an honest investigation of the Mumbai attack?

mostaqueali.blogspot.com/ tells us about Corruption in India and development.

Some of the points made:

1. "It's estimated that disloyal corrupt criminalized Indians have stashed away around $1,500 billion ... in illegal accounts in Switzerland alone."

2. "The money illegally off shored represents anything between 50 - 70% of the GDP of India measured by PPP."

3. "It all goes back to the British and the continuation of the British Raj system after 'Independence' in 1947. Basically if you are going to rule a country, loot it ($1 trillion worth of Indian assets transferred to London 1757 - 1947), sermonize over it and treat it very badly (30 million Indians died under British rule) then you need a lot of local criminalized chamars...

"The decendents of these chamars, along with their colonial practices have continued with business as usual."

Mumbai by kentclark333

4. "A very simple modern example is Zardari in Pakistan.... who has done prison time for corruption, and has stashed away up to $2 billion of the impoverished nations wealth in foreign mainly Swiss accounts and in London."

5. "India has 850 million people living on just 20 rupees a day, and 55 billionaires..."

According to Wikipedia, malnutrition in India's Madhya Pradesh is worse than in Ethiopia or Sudan. (Poverty in India - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


aangirfan: India falls in love with Israel and deserts Iran


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