Saturday, March 07, 2009

Vaccines, Anthrax and George Galloway


"Watch 'In Lies We Trust', an exposé of the vaccine industry...

"This includes background to Gruinard Island off the North West coast of Scotland, also known as Anthrax Island, that Willie McRae was investigating.

"McRae was shot in his car and the crime was never investigated by Scottish Police and it's believed he was murdered by MI-5/6." - The HIV Con and the Vaccine Con

Paisley and McGuinness - working for MI6?

"The various debate-limiting politicians, consultants and experts need to read from an autocue to look and seem coherent and to stick to the carefully crafted MI-6/Tavistock script...

"George Galloway is thought by some to be outspoken against the establishment, yet he is just another debate-limiter...

"Some thinking has MI-6 and Tavistock behind the creation of CND, Greenpeace, Friends of the Earth and Amnesty International, amongst others..." - The Debate Con



scotbot said...

Interesting ideas about Ian Paisley and Martin McGuiness.

Perhaps they do sing from the same hymn sheet, just as Ian Paisley and Bertie Aherne seem to be brothers in arms:

Who'd've thunk it: messers Aherne and Paisley, seemingly sworn enemies, and yet allies via their Masonic membership also.

Adam O'Connell said...

To be honest I doubt that Galloway is a plant, considering his Aid Convoy to Gaza and this:

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