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She was only four years old when the experiments started.

We should be kind to monkeys, and not carry out cruel experiments on them.

And we should not carry out torture experiments on human children.

Reportedly, there is little difference between monkeys and children.

"Researchers at Duke University have demonstrated that monkeys have the ability to perform mental addition.

"In fact, monkeys performed about as well as college students given the same test." - Monkeys Can Perform Mental Addition

The "difference in mind between man and the higher animals... is one of degree and not of kind." - Behavioral studies show baboons and pigeons are capable of higher ...

US government MKULTRA 'torture' experiment.

It is the US government that apparently leads the way in carrying out cruel experiments on animals and people.

(Human medical experimentation in the United States.)

Christina DeNicola stated that, in Tucson, Ariz., from 1966 to 1976, "Dr. B" performed mind control experiments using drugs, post-hypnotic injection and drama, and irradiation experiments on her neck, throat, chest and uterus.

She was only four years old when the experiments started.

Claudia Mullen gave testimony that Dr. Sidney Gottlieb (of MKULTRA fame) used chemicals, radiation, hypnosis, drugs, isolation in tubs of water, sleep deprivation, electric shock, brainwashing and emotional, sexual and verbal abuse as part of mind control experiments that had the ultimate objective of turning her, who was only a child at the time, into the "perfect spy."

She told the advisory committee that researchers justified this abuse by telling her that she was serving her country "in their bold effort to fight Communism."

US government MKULTRA experiment

Suzanne Starr stated that "a physician, who was retired from the military, got children from the mountains of Colorado for experiments."

She said she was one of those children and that she was the victim of experiments involving environmental deprivation to the point of forced psychosis, spin programming, injections, rape and frequent electroshock and mind control sessions.

"I have fought self-destructive programmed messages to kill myself, and I know what a programmed message is, and I don’t act on them," she tells the advisory committee of the experiments' long-lasting effects, even in her adulthood (Goliszek).

President Clinton publicly apologized to the thousands of people who were victims of MKULTRA and other mind-control experimental programs (Sharav).


Survival depends upon cooperation.

"Kropotkin conceived a novel idea; the driver of evolutionary advance was not so much competition within a species for limited resources;

"it was through cooperation within a species to maximize survival against harsh external conditions." Common Ground - Sept 2005 - Cooperation as an evolutionary force

In 'The politics of animal cooperation' Thomas Jay Oord (June 1, 2003) wrote:

In contemporary science, biologist Alan Dugatkin’s work in animal cooperation validates Kropotkin’s words.

Dugatkin’s book Cooperation Among Animals: An Evolutionary Perspective offers numerous examples of friendship among nonhumans.

The social activities of birds, for instance, illustrate the great degree of cooperation found in the nonhuman world. Birds ...provide information to one another about where food can be found...

Perhaps the clearest example of friendship among animals is the mutual grooming that occurs in many species.

As early as the 1930s, primatologists documented the mutual benefits that grooming affords nonhuman primates.

Recent studies have shown that primates enjoy numerous benefits from cooperative grooming.

The practice removes parasites, reduces emotional tension, fosters relational bonds, and can be a commodity to exchange for other benefits...

The social sciences provide plenty of evidence to support Ralph Waldo Emerson’s claim that a human friend “may well be reckoned the masterpiece of nature.”

There should be no more cruel experiments on animals or children.


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