Thursday, February 19, 2009

The past and future may be happening now; every possible 'Now'.

Reportedly, humans are descended from reptiles or something about as primitive.

We spent the longest period of our air breathing time as something reptilian-like.

But, don't worry. Time may not work in a straight line.

Maybe we can skip about from one bit of time to another, if we are sufficiently enlightened.

Einstein, Schrödinger and others have taught us that Time is not what Newton imagined.

For some cultures, time is a circle.

"The Hindu concept of reincarnation is perhaps the most familiar example, but the Hopi in the American Southwest and the Inuit in the Arctic also look at the world as a series of repeating cycles with no beginning or end; so, traditionally, did the Chinese and Japanese cultures." - The Riddle of Time - TIME

Some people suggest that events tend to repeat themselves in cycles but the events never play out in exactly the same way.


Some people suggest that the past, the present and the future may all be happening at the same time.

Prof Carlo Rovelli, of the University of Marseille, reports in Physical Review D that he has formulated a theory in which Time is simply a distance between events.

Julian Barbour in his The End of Time argues that quantum equations of the universe take their true form when expressed in the timeless configuration spacerealm containing every possible "Now" or momentary configuration of the universe, which he terms 'platonia'.[33]

Imagine parallel universes, and every possible 'now'.

"Every 'moment' we experience is real, he says, but these moments exist only for that brief instant, during which time literally stands still.

"The passage of time is as illusory as the sense of movement created by the succession of still frames in a motion picture." - No Time Like The Present - TIME


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