Sunday, February 08, 2009

Obama regime to kill off Binyam?

The notorious Admiral Blair, Obama's spy chief, is expected to continue to allow kidnapping and torture.

According to The Observer, on 8 February 2009, a Top US lawyer is warning of deaths at Guantánamo

According to The Observer:

"Suspicion is ... growing that some sections of the US intelligence community would prefer Binyam did die inside Guantánamo...

"Such a scenario would ... deny Binyam Mohamed the chance to personally sue the US, and possibly British authorities, over his treatment."

(Binyam Mohamed tortured - to turn him into a patsy?.)

1. Lt. Colonel Yvonne Bradley, an American military lawyer, is demanding the release from Guantanamo of her client Binyam Mohamed, the British resident who, reportedly, was repeatedly tortured on the instructions of US and UK intelligence officials. (a Top US lawyer is warning of deaths at Guantánamo)

2. Bradley is to tell the UK government that Binyam, 31, is dying in his Guantánamo cell and that conditions at Guantanamo have got much worse since the Obama regime came to power.

3. Witnesses say beatings continue at Guantanamo and 20 of those detained are described as being so unhealthy they are on a "critical list".

4. Binyam Mohamed has told Bradley that he is "very scared" of being attacked by guards, after witnessing a savage beating of a detainee who refused to be strapped down.

5. In San Francisco, a court is to examine the treatment of Binyam Mohamed.

American lawyers are hoping to expose the defence firm that allegedly carried out the practice of "rendition" on behalf of the CIA.

Jeppesen Dataplan, a Boeing subsidiary, reportedly helped to arrange rendition flights, including that of Binyam.

6. The UK Attorney General says the UK is "actively considering" possible criminal wrongdoings against MI5 and the CIA.

However, "the government's senior lawyer has failed, after almost four months of looking into the issue, to request material from the US that may substantiate allegations of MI5 complicity in Mohamed's torture." (a Top US lawyer is warning of deaths at Guantánamo)

CIA torture flights.

Obama's new spy chief is the notorious Admiral Blair!

(Admiral Dennis Blair 'lied' about church killings. / Admiral Dennis Blair and Genocide)

On 5 February 2009, John Pilger wrote in The New Statesman (The politics of bollocks):

"Far from 'shutting down the CIA’s secret prison network', Obama’s executive orders actually give the CIA authority to carry out renditions, abductions and transfers of prisoners in secret without threat of legal obstruction."

The Los Angeles Times disclosed, “current and former US intelligence officials said that the rendition programme might be poised to play an expanded role”.

"America’s numerous 'covert actions' will operate as they did under previous presidents, with proxy regimes, such as Augusto Pinochet’s in Chile, doing the dirtiest work."


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