Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Not so cool facts

Geert Wilders
, who is a Dutch politician, and possibly a CIA-Mossad asset, believes that he has Jewish ancestry.[6]

The Dutch newspaper Telegraaf reported in May 2007 that Geert Wilders had been accompanied by the Dutch General Intelligence and Security Service for years.

During that time, Wilders had been regularly meeting officials at the Israeli Embassy in The Hague.[12]

"Already there are signs that the Far Right is gaining in confidence; for example the recent electoral gains made by the Austrian Freedom Party and the growing support for xenophobic Dutch politician Geert Wilders." - the Great Depression

'I don't hate Muslims. I hate Islam,' says Holland's rising star, Geert Wilders, who may be a CIA-Mossad asset?.

"The yanks were never our friends.

"They caught us at our most desparate and vulnerable and milked us for everything they possibly could.

"Not just money, (that we have only recently finished paying back), but our latest technology (including radar and computers) and they cost us our Empire..." - Is the Special Relationship just one-sided?

"The US State Department has been anxious to cram Britain into a European Superstate.

"In fact it's often been suggested that the CIA has been involved in various backstairs pro-EU campaigns in the past." - Down with the Special Relationship


Treblinka II was a German concentration camp in occupied Poland during World War II. Reportedly, around 850,000[1] people were killed there between July 1942 and October 1943; the camp was closed after a revolt during which some Germans were killed and a number of prisoners escaped.

"There were the claims of mass graves at Treblinka. Over 800,000 victims of the Nazis were claimed to have been buried there.

"But one of the grave sites abuts a water well, and when testing of the water failed to detect any of the contamination which would result from burying thousands of bodies near a water well (the water should have been lethal to drink), the story was revised to claim that as war's end, the Nazis had dug all those 800,000 bodies up and cremated them to conceal the evidence of their crimes.

"Again, as science progressed this story came into doubt as there was no trace of the vast amount of combustion residues which would have permeated the site of such a huge fire. And finally, ground penetrating radar, which certainly did not exist back when this story was first told, proves that the area where the graves are supposed to have existed has never been disturbed." - Holocaust denial is a crime

Not so cool facts about Israel

Sir James Crosby who helped found wealth management J Rothschild Assurance (St James Place plc.) in 1991,[1]

Sir James Crosby is currently deputy chairman of the Financial Services Authority.

He was the 'original architect' of the strategy that led HBOS into near-collapse.

(Revenge of the whistleblower: HBOS executive sacked and gagged for warning of disaster reveals truth to MPs)

During a session of the Treasury Select Committee of the House of Commons on February 10th, 2009, it was alleged that HBOS had ignored warnings by its former head of Group Regulatory Risk, Paul Moore, relating to risky business practices.

In 2005 Moore was sacked by Crosby.

Moore is quoted as saying that Crosby wrote "The decision (to sack Moore) "was mine and mine alone".

Full text of Moore's submission to the Treasury Select Committee: [8]

Mr Laxton, "allegedly shouted "f***ing Israelis, f***ing Jews" while watching television reports of the Israeli attack on Gaza last month.

He is also alleged to have said that Israeli soldiers should be "wiped off the face of the Earth." - Laxton's Intention?


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