Monday, February 02, 2009

Moslem candidates in elections can be sexy.

Julia Perez

Moslem candidates in elections can be sexy.

In 2009, there is to be a general election in Indonesia.

Indonesia's Moslem PPP party has at least 10 candidates who are celebrities.

One of them is former actress-singer Emilia Contessa.

Emilia's daughter Denada Tambunan is also a candidate.

Denada sings dangdut songs and also appears in television soap operas.

Emilia Contessa & Denada Tambunan

Denada Tambunan

The name of sexy actress-singer Julia Perez also once appeared on PPP pre-selection lists.

Moslem parties do not do well in Indonesian elections.

Secular parties came top last time.

This video was filmed in Jakarta Indonesia, at the time of the 1997 election. It shows a procession by supporters of the PPP, the Moslem political party. At that time, the PPP had the support of some of the followers of the party of Megawati. Indonesia is the biggest Moslem country in the world. Secular parties have always won the general elections.


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