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1. You may remember the liquid bomb plot which led to a trial.

On 8 September 2008, the jury did not find any of the defendants guilty of conspiring to target aircraft.

There was a retrial.

On 18 February 2009, it was announced that the jury in the trial of the eight men accused of conspiring to murder by blowing up transatlantic airliners has been discharged for "legal reasons".

It is not yet known why the judge, Mr Justice Henriques, took his decision to discharge the jury.

'Bomb plot' case jury dismissed

Presumably there was a risk that the jury would find the 8 men not guilty.

2. In Ireland, on 10 February 2009, 60-year-old Anthony John Hill appeared in the High Court.

He was wanted in the UK on a charge of perverting the course of justice during the trial of men linked to 7 July 2005 London bomb attacks.

Hill, orginally from Sheffield, was arrested on a warrant issued by the authorities in Britain.

It is alleged he sent DVDs entitled "7/7 Ripple Effect" to the jury, the judge and members of the victims' families.

3. In the present liquid bomb plot trial, seven of the men are undergoing a retrial. One is facing charges for the first time. The original trial failed to get the verdict the government wanted.

Photo of Bernard Lewis by the Office of Communications, Princeton University.

Bernard Lewis
is Jewish and has worked in British intelligence. (Bernard Lewis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia )

In 1990, Lewis wrote an essay entitled The Roots of Muslim Rage.

In this essay, Lewis argued that the struggle between the West and Islam was gathering strength.

In this essay Lewis coined the phrase "clash of civilizations", which got mentioned in the book by Samuel Huntington.[13]

Typical Moslems - friendly, easy going and hospitable.

The phrase "clash of civilizations", was first used by Lewis at a meeting in Washington in 1957 where it is recorded in the transcript. [14]

There has been speculation that Lewis, the intelligence services and people like Brzezinski want to make the Moslem world look bad, so that it can be more easily controlled.

Much of the world's oil lies in Moslem lands.

How do you make Moslems look bad?

You can finance the extremists and help them into power. You can carry out false flag operations.

The transatlantic liquid bomb plot, in 2006, may be part of the effort to discredit Moslems.

Lieutenant-Colonel (ret.) Nigel Wylde, a former senior British Army Intelligence Officer with decades of anti-terror and explosives experience, declared the plot to be 'fiction'.

He said the explosives in question could not possibly have been produced on the plane.

He suggested that the plot was an invention of the UK security services in order to justify wide-ranging new security measures that threaten to permanently curtail civil liberties and to suspend sections of the United Kingdom's Human Rights Act of 1998.(The Raw Story: August terror plot is a 'fiction ...)

Real Moslems just want to have fun.

Key questions remain unanswered in the UK liquid bomb trial

What happened in court, back in September 2008?

Mohammed Gulzar, was found not guilty on all charges.

The jury failed to reach any verdict on the four remaining defendants – Arafat Waheed Khan, Ibrahim Savant, Waheed Zaman and Umar Islam.

Abdulla Ahmed Ali, 27, Assad Sarwar, 28, and Tanvir Hussain, 27, claimed they were merely planning a non-lethal explosion in London as a publicity stunt to draw attention to a supposed documentary they were preparing on the plight of Muslims in Afghanistan and Iraq.

The jury did not find these three guilty of tring to blow up aircraft.

However, the jury found these three guilty of planning a lethal explosion in London.

Rashid Rauf works for the security services?

The alleged ringleader of the alleged plot to blow up multiple transatlantic airliners using liquid explosives is Rashid Rauf.

The BBC reported in December 2006 as follows

"A Pakistani judge has ruled there is not enough evidence to try a key suspect in an alleged airline bomb plot on terrorism charges.

"He has moved the case of Rashid Rauf, a Briton, from an anti-terrorism court to a regular court, where he faces lesser charges such as forgery...

"An anti-terrorism court in Rawalpindi found no evidence that he had been involved in terrorist activities or that he belonged to a terrorist organisation."

Rashid Rauf is reportedly involved with the Lashkar-e-Toiba group which reportedly is linked to the Pakistan secret service ISI which reportedly works with the CIA and British intelligence.

Reportedly the alleged terrorist cell that planned to blow up ten planes included at least one person working for the British security services. (Alleged Liquid Bomb Plot Credibility Crumbles)

Former British Ambassador to Uzbekistan Craig Murray slammed the so-called foiled plot story as "propaganda"

"None of the alleged terrorists had made a bomb. None had bought a plane ticket. Many did not even have passports, which given the efficiency of the UK Passport Agency would mean they couldn't be a plane bomber for quite some time," said Murray.

aangirfan: Rashid Rauf, Jamal al-Badawi, Omar al-Faruq, Haroon Rashid Aswat - all working for the security services?...

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