Tuesday, February 17, 2009

It's a wonderful life

Malaysia: Woman legislator quits over nude photos

aangirfan: Sodomy, Anwar, CIA

Circle Oil reports third gas discovery in Morocco

UAE's Dana Gas announces Egypt find

Whitehall devised torture policy for terror detainees

Labour is creating a police state, says former spy chief

In 1993, Stella Rimington became the first DG of the British Security Service MI5 to pose openly for cameras at the launch of a brochure outlining the organisation's activities.[1][2]. Some suspect that the most important and most secret work is done by groups more secret than MI5.

Mandelson calls for Labour calm as row grows over claims that Brown was offered 'lifeboat' to quit before election

China is right to have doubts about who will buy all America's debt

Last week we were in M&S and couldn't find anything we wanted to buy. They are selling the wrong stuff. It looks like Woolworths. We asked for a complaints form and were told they didn't have one. The manager was unavailable. "Fall in profits after poor sales." - Marks & Spencer squeezes suppliers


Egypt, Gaza and the Muslim Brotherhood.

Who won the war in Gaza?


Alastair Crooke

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Anonymous said...

MI-6 are at the top of the worldwide intelligence foodchain. There are possibly thousands of 'front companies'.

All nation-state intelligence outfits are essentially departments within the London Establishment MI-6. The 'British Empire' never went away, it just went covert.

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