Thursday, February 26, 2009


"As each firm (and indeed state agency) lays off workers and tries to pay less to those kept on, this has the effect of further undercutting overall demand in the economy...

"A strong case can be made that... we need to break with the logics of capitalist markets...

"We need to put on the public agenda the need to change our economic and political institutions so as to allow for democratic planning to collectively decide how and where we produce what we need to sustain our lives and our relationship to our environment."

- From Global Finance to the Nationalization of the Banks: Eight Theses on the Economic Crisis - by Prof. Leo Panitch, Prof. Sam Gindin - 2009-02-25

La Leçon de Cathéchisme by Jules-Alexis Muenier - 1890 - Musée des beaux-arts de Besançon

Former nun reveals sex and suffering inside convent

Internet firms set to track and cash in on surfing habits of 11million customers

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GEOFFREY WHEATCROFT: Iraqis know the real cost of Jacqui Smith's second home (Guardian)

Girl, 3, raised by dogs in her home after her alcoholic mother neglected her

A fishy discovery: Sex as we know it started 30million years earlier than previously thought

U.S. Military Base in Vicenza, Italy Gets Final Approval

Russia, Turkey declare new era with ‘strategic’ document

US military gets the squeeze in Central Asia

Obama expands US military intervention in Pakistan

9/11 Heroin Pilot Indicted in New Jersey


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