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11-year-old Herman Rosenblat was held by the Nazis in Schlieben.

A young girl arrived daily at the camp fence to give him apples and bread.

Rosenblat was due to die in the gas chambers at Theresienstadt at 10am on 10 May 1945.

Two hours before the appointed time, the camp was liberated by allied forces.

The Rosenblats appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show.

In December 2008, The Times reported the story was fake. (Herman Rosenblat's Holocaust memoir of love is exposed as a hoax.)

On 15 February 2009, The Observer reports (When one life story is not enough):

"The story of a young girl throwing him apples was a fabrication.

"His 'angel at the fence' was a fake..."

There were no gas chambers at Theresienstadt

"In his story, Herman had claimed that Roma and her family, whose surname was Radzicki, were Polish Jews living under assumed identities on a nearby farm. There was no trace of them...

"Herman Rosenblat is not the first person to write a fake Holocaust memoir.."


David Miliband urged America to send Binyam Mohamed torture letter, says Bush aide

Found: Mugabe’s bolthole in the Far East

Boell-Heard Family writes...

"'There has been unrelenting war on the rural sector of Australia...'

"Sadly, I've been under that same impression for some time now. That Australian farmers are under attack from multinational agribusiness, sitting like vultures on a fence rail and maintaining their artificial 'drought'....through chemtrailing and other means.

"Mere minutes after the last farmer throws his hands in the air in despair and walks of his land forever....I think the drought will break, and the agribusinesses will have TOTAL control of food production, with all the connotations this engenders.

"As to the fires, the beginnings of those deliberately lit were in the one line and very well organised. Seems not a 'random' series of events as we're led to believe."

Canadian judge: No warrant needed to see ISP logs

US intelligence czar warns about Venezuela

A forgotten hero: Darwin's co-discoverer



Dewa said...

This is the proof of love power.Hope with Valentine's day spirit will stop war in the world and make life with peace and love forever.

Anonymous said...

David Irving has a long list of those who have tried to pull scams with Holocaust survivor stories. Not to mention fraud for the use of building holocaust museums, of which I've heard there are around 200 nationwide in the US. Maybe take a look. His archives also has a good collection of Israeli's caught trying to infiltrate nuclear sites a la "the art students" and "movers" cover.

Genie said...

Yeah I was just going to say, there were no gas chambers alledged at Theresienstadt. I read an interesting story years ago about Theresienstadt in Readers Digest. That documentary I have been watching "One Third of the Holocaust" was saying what a propaganda tool the Readers Digest was. Damn interesting documentary!
Anon let's link exchange. You have a "no follow" so that people who link through comments don't get a linkback. K?

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