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The CIA, Mossad and the Djerba Bombing.


Synagogue entrance through which fuel tanker truck drove. From Flickr, El-Ghriba Synagogue. Author upyernoz

Reportedly, the CIA runs a secret prison near Bizerte, 65km north of Tunis, in Tunisia. (CIA facility in Tunisia?)

Back in 2002, Mossad and its friends took an interest in Djerba, in Tunisia, where Jews, Muslims and Christians normally live in harmony.

In 2002, in Tunisia, the Djerba bombing took place.

According to the official version, Nizar Nauar (Nawar), a native of Tunisia, drove a fuel tanker up to a synagogue.

The fuel tanker then exploded.

Nizar may have been a patsy. Nizar's brother, Walid, was jailed for 12 years for 'having supplied Nizar with false papers and a satellite telephone'.

Of course, no Jews were killed.


The bombing caused no real damage to the synagogue or its holy books.

Perez Trabelsi, head of Djerba’s large Jewish community, had left the synagogue for coffee just before the blast.

The people who died were 14 German tourists, five Tunisians and two French nationals.

The bombing was blamed on al-Qaeda, which is believed to be part of the CIA.


In 2003, Christian Ganczarski, who prosecutors believe had links to al-Qaeda, was arrested in connection with the bombing.

He has now been given a long prison sentence by a Paris court for his alleged part in the bombing. (Two jailed over Tunisia bombing)

Is Christian a double agent or a patsy?

Christian was born in Poland to devout Catholic parents. He moved to Germany. Reportedly he became "one of bin Laden's personal couriers."

The alleged financier of the Djerba bombing is a Spanish Catholic called Enrique Cerda Ibanez.

The Djerba bombing was on 11 April 2002.

The New York attack was on 11 September 2001.

The Madrid bombings were on 11 March 2004.

The number 11 is seen by some numerologists to signify "Israel."

Israel has attacked Tunisia in the past.

In 1985, Israel bombed the PLO headquarters in Tunis. - Mossad

In 1988 a small fleet of Israeli Sa'ar 4 Fast Missile Boats arrived in the waters just off the coast of Tunis. The Palestinian Abu Jihad, Arafat's deputy, living in the exclusive Sidi Bou Said suburb of Tunis, was then murdered byIsraeli special forces. - Tunis Raid - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Djerba's chief rabbi, Haiem Maddar, has said that Jews in Djerba have more in common with their fellow Tunisians than they do with the Europeans, Russians and Americans who control Israel today.

Before 1948, Jews and Arabs coexisted together for centuries in Palestine. Now everyone in the world helps fuel the conflict so they can sell weapons to both sides, the rabbi complained. -(Tunisian Jews Enjoy Religious Tolerance and Peace in Djerba)



oneofmany said...

Christian Ganczarski is neither a CIA agent nor a patsy. The testimony of Jack Roche, via videolink from Australia, during Ganczarski's recent trial, clearly points out that Ganczarski was very close to the leadership of Al Qaidah. Video footage of ganczarski attending a speech given by Bin Ladin in Afghanistan also testifies to this. Communications between Khalid Shaikh Muhammad, the actual bomber, and Ganczarski a few minutes prior to the explosion in Djerba, are not mere coincidences.
This was a carefully orchestrated paln to destroy the synagogue and whoever happened to be in or around it at the time. It 'failed' (as far as they were concerned) because it did not, as you point out, kill any Jews. Regardless of whether it had or had not killed 'Jews' is irrelevant, since it was the unjust taking of lives. There is currently a shortfalling in the correct understanding of Jihad within Islam. The application of those aayaat from Al Qur'aan in relation to Qisaas are ofetn used as the motive and reason for killing. However, the willy-nilly killing of whomsoever has nothing to do with Jihad, especially the killing of people, regardless of whether they are 'Jews' or not, who have nothing to do with direct assaults upon Muslims in other parts of the world. Soething that is in essence haraam can never be made halaal (except in the case of maintaining life). It is high time Muslims, of which I am one, truly stand up and truly address these issues.

Anon said...

Dear khalidroc,

We assume that bin Laden and the original Khalid Sheikh Mohammad always worked for the CIA.



oneofmany said...

Thanks Aangirfan

Based on my own personal knowledge I can assure you that the man depicted being 'sleepily' arrested is Khalid Shaikh Muhammad.



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