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How do the CIA, the American military-Industrial complex, and the Zionists try to control Europe?

1. According to the Mail on Sunday, 8 February 2009, , Tony Blair, is poised to become the first President of Europe.

Nicolas Sarkozy is determined to help him win the post. - President Blair: Former PM set to become EU chief as Sarkozy battles to win him the post

Tony Blair has been described as a 'fascist', 'war-criminal', Zionist, and 'agent of the CIA.'


2. The Americans seem to have very strong links to certain UK politicians and people in the military.

The Sunday Herald has discovered that about half the parliamentary questions tabled by Lord Moonie, the former UK defence minister, 'relate to areas of commercial interest to US-based Northrop Grumman Corporation.'

Moonie is a consultant to Northrop Grumman IT.

Moonie has been accused of being one of four Labour lords ready to accept money in return for helping amend legislation. Moonie, 61, said he would make introductions in return for £30,000 a year. - Cash for questions: new row over Scottish lord’s £30k deal

3. According to Private Eye (UK), August 2005:

Sir Robert Walmsley, former head of UK defence procurement, procured himself a job as director of US arms firm the EDO Corporation.

Admiral lord Boyce, the chief of the UK defence staff who retired in 2003, became an adviser to the American Computer Sciences Corporation in 2004. Boyce told Private Eye that he advised CSC on its bid for a £6 billion defence contract.

"Sir Clive Whitmore, the Ministry of Defence's top civil servant at the time of the monster and totally corrupt al-Yamamah arms deal with Saudi Arabia, shares his Directorship of NM Rothschild with the Old Harrovian Charles Guthrie." - Lord Guthrie supporting the Military Industrial complex ... and Israel

4. Sarkozy and Merkel and Brown are said to be working for the CIA.

Angela Merkel of the CIA?

5. Britain's leaders all seem to work for the CIA.

"When Gordon Brown was a student at the University of Edinburgh… the young Labour and anti-apartheid activist was handed a list by an individual known to be a top CIA agent based in Britain.

"On the list were the names of a number of British socialists and anti-apartheid activists. Although Brown was said not to have known of his American contact's intelligence ties at the time, the British intelligence sources revealed that Brown has been on the CIA's payroll ever since he took possession of the list." - Columns: 'Washington watch' by Tumbler Prospect Magazine July ...

Brown, agent of the CIA?

Leyland ceased to exist. Iberdrola took over Scottish Power. Ferrovial took over BAA...

6. Many of Britian's top companies have disappeared or been taken over.

BP may be next.

"The most startling takeover target of the year will be BP, which will attract interest from Exxon Mobil... With the crude oil price falling to its lowest level since the 1990s, BP will be historically cheap by most measures..." - After a year of shocks, prepare for more in 2009

7. Britain's military now appears to be run by the Pentagon and Britain's nuclear missiles are American-controlled. - Anger as Britain secretly sells off its stake in Aldermaston ...

8. The CIA seems to be able to control Britain's police and courts, when it suits them. - LOCKERBIE BOMBING EVIDENCE 'PLANTED' - Mail on Sunday 21 December 2008

Victor Rothschild worked for the British security services. Was he also working for Mossad?

9. In 1965 Angleton, and President Johnson, decided to commission a report on Britain's secret services.

This report recommended sending more spies to Britain It seemed that the CIA was going to treat Britain like Indonesia or Pakistan.

In order to ensure that there was an elite which would support US interests, the CIA would try to gain control of MI5 and MI6, use dirty tricks to get rid of anti-American politicians, and place pro-American puppets into positions of power.

In 1996, in the Guardian, Martin Kettle suggested that New Labour was all about Britain being in with the Americans.

10. In a talk to Labour Party branches in 1996, Robin Ramsay (Lobster Magazine) pointed out some interesting links between New labour and the USA.

Jonathan Powell, Blair's top man in Downing Street, used to work in Britain's Washington embassy and is suspected by some of having been our spook liaising with the CIA.

UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband is the son of a Jewish Marxist.

Top Blair aide David Milliband did a degree at the USA's MIT and Brown's top aid Edward Balls went to Harvard.

Gordon Brown spent his holidays in the library at Harvard.

The US encouraged large numbers of Labour MPs to take free trips to America (Israel also invited a large number of Labour MPs to Israel).

In 1986 Tony Blair went on a US-sponsored trip to America and came back a supporter of the nuclear deterrent.

In 1993 Blair attended a Bilderberg Group meeting (secretive right wing organisation) and not long afterwards became Labour leader.

Four of the Blair cabinet have been members of the Anglo-American elite group the British American Project; three of the Blair cabinet have attended Bilderberg meetings.

Peter Mandelson become Chair of British Youth Council which began as the British section of the World Assembly of Youth, which was set up and financed by MI6 and then taken over by the CIA in the 1950s. By Mandelson's time in the mid1970s the British Youth Council was said to be financed by the Foreign Office or MI6. According to Ramsay, 'Peter Mandelson has been around MI6 since his early 20s'. Old Labour is the domestic economy; New Labour is the overseas British economy. In other words, the multinationals, the City of London, and the Foreign Office which represents their interests.'

And the unions?

According to Ramsay: "The CIA also ran the anti-communist international trade union movement, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, the ICFTU..By the mid 1950s nearly a quarter of the TUC's annual budget was going to the ICFTU, a CIA operation.

It looks like the Anglo-American-Israeli elite are in charge.

Now here is an interesting quote about what may be happening:

'There has been a gradual erosion of civil liberties, an increase in the influence of the army, and an acceptance of corruption among public servants. Vast fortunes have been accumulated by a small group who use their wealth to control the Senate.' That was a description of the Roman Empire.



Edna said...

It's way past time for the people to resist the small band of psychopaths who created this zionist matrix...

Franz said...

Good stuff.

An itty-bitty paperback came out in the US in 1967. Written by George Morris, a muckraking labor reporter with lots of years on the beat, its title was CIA AND AMERICAN LABOR.

The 159-page book was a brief and blunt piece about the CIA's takeover of the entire independent labor movement in the US. Because the old labor movement was international, the takeover was obviously the jumping off point to influence and subvert labor movements worldwide.

Who runs the CIA? Former CIA chief George H. W. Bush once remarked (when he was president of the US) that if people knew what he and his henchmen were really doing they'd be hanging them from street-lamps.

Because the CIA used the USA as a base for over a half-century, the United States is the most-hated nation on earth, and about to become the poorest nation of the former industrial nations of the West. And to top it off the US won't BE part of the West, nor in any sense will it be a "nation".

Pretty stunning work for what is, at bottom, nothing but a branch office of the Mossad. And the branch was set up a year BEFORE the main office. Incredible.

Anon said...

Many thanks for the valuable comments. - Aangirfan

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