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Binyam Mohamed tortured - to turn him into a patsy?


Binyam Mohamed was born in Ethiopia.

In 1994, at the age of 16, Binyam came to Britain, where he lived for seven years.

He sought political asylum and was given leave to remain while his case was resolved.

It seems likely that the security services decided to make use of Binyam.

They needed a patsy?

In 2001, Binyam travelled to Afghanistan. His supporters claim he went there because he had an interest in drugs.

The UK security services seem to have known a lot about Binyam.

When he was sent to Morocco in 2002, his interrogators asked him questions about his life in London, which he realized could only have been provided by the British intelligence services.

The UK and U.S. authorities claim that Binyam trained in an Al-Qaeda camp in Afghanistan.

They say he attended lectures by Osama Bin Ladin, who is widely believed to have been an agent of the CIA.

Binyam told his lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, he had never met anyone in al-Qaeda.

If one assumes that al Qaeda is the CIA, this could mean that the UK and US wanted to make use of Binyam.

Perhaps they wanted to demonstrate that Afghanistan, at the time of 9 11, was full of al Qaeda agents.

Perhaps they just wanted someone they could torture into confessing to being part of a false flag operation.

While travelling in Pakistan, Binyam was arrested on a visa violation and turned over to the US authorities.

On 21 July 2002, Binyam was rendered to Morocco on a CIA plane.

He was tortured by having his penis cut with a scalpel.

CIA torture

In 2004, Binyam was transferred to the CIA's secret ‘Dark Prison’ in Afghanistan.

Speaking of his time in the ‘Dark Prison’, Binyam said:

"It was pitch black, no lights on in the rooms for most of the time.

"They hung me up for two days.

"My legs had swollen. My wrists and hands had gone numb.

"There was loud music, Slim Shady [by Eminem] and Dr. Dre for 20 days. Then they changed the sounds to horrible ghost laughter and Halloween sounds.

"At one point, I was chained to the rails for a fortnight.

"The CIA worked on people, including me, day and night.

"Plenty lost their minds. I could hear people knocking their heads against the walls and the doors, screaming their heads off.”

Reportedly, the CIA and its friends pretended there was a plot to buy uranium in Asia, bring it to the US and build a 'dirty bomb'.

Binyam signed a confession but told his lawyer, Clive Stafford Smith, he had never met anyone in al-Qaeda.

Next, Binyam was sent to Guantánamo Bay, where he remains.

Presumably, the CIA and its fellow 'fascists' need to create lots of patsies and double agents for false flag plots?

UK foreign secretary Miliband is Jewish.

Has Obama threatened to carry out an act of terrorism in the UK?

Or, is this just an MI5 invention?

US threats.

The UK high court has ruled that evidence of how British resident Binyam Mohamed was tortured, and what MI5 knew about it, must remain secret because of serious threats the US has made against the UK.

"The judges made clear they were deeply unhappy with their decision, but said they had no alternative as a result of a statement by David Miliband, the foreign secretary, that if the evidence was disclosed the US would stop sharing intelligence with Britain.

"That would directly threaten the UK's national security, Miliband had told the court.

"This afternoon David Davis, the Conservative MP and former shadow home secretary, said ministers must urgently respond to the allegations that Britain was complicit in torture. He demanded a Commons statement from the government on the ruling, calling it 'a matter of utmost national importance'.

Davis said: "The ruling implies that torture has taken place in the [Binyam] Mohamed case, that British agencies may have been complicit, and further, that the United States government has threatened our high court that if it releases this information the US government will withdraw its intelligence cooperation with the United Kingdom.

"The judge rules that there is a strong public interest that this information is put in the public domain even though it is politically embarrassing."

He told the BBC: "The government is going to have to do some pretty careful explaining about what's going on."

US threats .

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