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Are the western democracies run by a bunch of crooks and spooks?

Truscott suddenly became very rich. He was made a Lord by Tony Blair.

Are the western democracies run by a bunch of crooks and spooks?

In the UK, it is being alleged that members of the UK parliament can be bought.

It is being alleged that they earn vast sums of money by influencing laws in return for cash.

Lord MacKenzie of Framwellgate, who was linked with a prostitute in 2003, was paid £616,000 by Inter TV, owned by exiled tycoon Vladmir Gusinsky, who is a wanted man in Russia. (Peer's £600k secret payout )

Lord Truscott is one of four Labour peers being investigated by police after he was recorded by undercover reporters claiming that for £2,000 a day he could influence legislation by 'identifying people ... meeting people, talking with people'.

On 1 February 2009, The Mail on Sunday reveals the secret Soviet past of sleaze peer Lord Truscott

Lord Truscott has secret links to Soviet Russia, a Mail on Sunday investigation has revealed.

Truscott married Svetlana, an active member of the Communist Party.

Svetlana's father, Nikolai, on the left.

Svetlana's father was a senior Red Army officer with connections to the Soviet special forces.

Truscott has a £1million home in Mayfair, a country home in Bath and property in Russia.

Truscott was a member the Labour party's defence team in parliament before becoming a government minister.

Prior to 1991, Truscott was an obscure borough councillor (local politician) in Colchester, Essex, in the UK.

Truscott met Tory MP Rupert Allason, better known as spy writer Nigel West.

In 1991, Truscott met his wife Svetlana in Russia, just before the Soviet Union collapsed.

Who was Truscott working for? The security services?

Truscott became "a well-known figure in defence and intelligence circles in Russia, Brussels and Britain."

An official who worked with him in the Labour Party said: 'He was a slippery character. He was like a bar of soap. He would be Left-wing talking to one person and Right-wing talking to another.

'He was a very average councillor. Nobody was more shocked than I to discover he had become a Lord.'

A former friend of Truscott says Truscott had "an interest in Russian women."

'I remember seeing him with a brochure containing mail order Russian brides,' said the friend.

Svetlana's father, Nikolai Chernikov, linked to Russia's special forces, died in mysterious circumstances in 1994, three days after he dined with Lord Truscott and his wife in Brussels.

Truscott has been an Associate Fellow of the Royal United Services Institute for Defence and Security Studies, whose members include many past and present MI5 and MI6 agents.

Truscott has business interests relating to Russia.

Truscott criticised Georgia for attacking its neighbour.

Truscott is reported to be sympathetic to Vladimir Putin, who is disliked by certain Jewish oligarchs.

Has Truscott been outed by these Jewish oligarchs?

The Sunday Times, which has led the way in attacking Truscott, is part of the Rupert Murdoch empire and Rupert Murdoch is said to be very close to Israel.

This whole affair may be part of a struggle between different factions of the elite.


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