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The Zionist Plan and US Military Intelligence.

According to the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion (LATEST EVIDENCE ON THE VERACITY OF THIS REMARKABLE DOCUMENT), the Zionist plan is to:

Destroy all financial stability.

Increase economic depressions to the extent of bringing a general world bankruptcy.

Stop the wheels of industry.

Make bonds, stocks and paper money worthless.

Accumulate all the gold of the world in the hands of a certain few people thus withdrawing tremendous capital from circulation.

At a given hour close all the exchanges, withdraw all credits and cause general panic."

In 1850, The Dialogues Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu was written by the Jew Jacob Venedey.

In 1864, the Jew Maurice Joly (Joseph Levy) wrote The Dialogue in Hell Between Machiavelli and Montesquieu.

The Protocols of the Elders of Zion was published around 1897, the year of the first Zionist Congress.

The Protocols appear to have some similarities to those two earlier books, which may themselves be based on an earlier text.

16.45 % of the passages in Joly's Dialogues are the same as the Protocols.


The Protocols was published by Professor Sergius Nilus.

Nilus stated that he got the Protocols from dissident Jews who knew about a plot to destroy existing societies and create a world government.

A declassified US Military Intelligence document (The Power And Aims Of International Jewry.) from 1919 suggests the Protocols Of Zion were taken very seriously by US intelligence.

According to the document:

"Some of the important events which have occurred since 1897 have fulfilled in a striking manner the predictions and aims expressed in the Protocols themselves...

"The coming of a world war is predicted which the Jews are to secretly promote.

"The creation of the chaos of Bolshevism is described as to be worked out by Jews all over the world as a step towards Jewish world dominion."

Northcliffe, who died in mysterious circumstances.

In May 1920 Lord Northcliffe published an article about the Protocols in The Times.

The article was entitled The Jewish Peril.

In 1921 Northcliffe became ill.

He complained he was being poisoned

In 1921, the Times changed its mind and produced a series of articles suggesting the Protocols was a forgery.

On 14 August 1922 Lord Northcliffe died, aged 57.

The cause of death stated was 'ulcerative endocarditis..

The John JACOB Astor took over the Times in 1922.

The Times became pro-Zionist.

Jesus said to certain Jews: "If God was your Father, you would love me... You are of (your) father the devil..."(John 8:39)


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