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Secret talks on al Megrahi, the alleged Lockerbie Bomber.


Reportedly, secret talks are being held to get the man convicted of the Lockerbie bombing to drop his appeal.

Reportedly, both UK and Scottish civil servants have been involved in these talks.

However, a spokesman for the Scottish Government has said: "There have been no recent meetings between Scottish Government officials and representatives of the Libyan government... The meetings last year were purely to provide factual information."

(15 January 2009 - Secret talks on a deal to return Megrahi to Libya)

The CIA would not want people to think that it carried out the greatest act of terrorism on UK soil.

The CIA and its friends in Mossad and MI6 do not want al Megrahi to have his appeal in a Scottish court. Such an appeal might reveal that the CIA faked the evidence in al Megrahi's trial.

The man who will have the final decision on al Megrahi's fate is Kenny MacAskill, the Justice Secretary in the Scottish government.

Reportedly, Willie MacRae, a former vice-chairman of the Scottish National Party, was assassinated by the security services.

On 15 January, The Herald (Scotland) reported on Secret talks on a deal to return Megrahi to Libya

The Herald reveals that top civil servants from both the UK and Scottish governments have met a delegation from Tripoli to discuss Abdelbaset Ali Mohmed al Megrahi.

An agreement may be reached which would see al Megrahi serve the rest of his 27-year sentence with his family in Libya.

The appeal is due to begin on 27 April 2009.

According to Libyan officials, top London government civil servants have actively "encouraged" them to apply for prisoner transfer for Megrahi.

A Libyan source said: "We have been encouraged to apply for the prisoner transfer option ...but there are concerns as to whether the UK Government can be trusted."

In 1985, Willie MacRae was found unconscious in his car near Kintail in Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands. He died soon after.

A Prisoner Transfer Agreement (PTA) was signed by Libya and the UK in November 2008 and is due to be ratified by the UK and Libyan parliaments in March.

It would take months for an agreement on such a transfer to be reached, partly because his case would have to be reviewed by the Scottish Prison Service and the Parole Board.

The final decision will lie with Kenny MacAskill, the Justice Secretary in the Scottish government.

Professor Robert Black, one of the architects of the original trial of al Megrahi, does not want al Megrahi's appeal to be dropped.

He said: "If this happens it will leave a stain on the Scottish criminal justice system because lots of people now believe there is something wrong with the conviction...

Professor Black believes that if there is no appeal it "would leave serious questions about the criminal justice system unanswered."

A UK Government spokesman said: "Any decision relating to an individual prisoner will be for Scottish ministers to take."

A spokesman for the Scottish Government said: "There have been no recent meetings between Scottish Government officials and representatives of the Libyan government. However, if the Libyan officials were to seek further meetings for factual information, we would be happy to provide that.

"The meetings last year were purely to provide factual information. No encouragement or advice was given on any of the procedures open to Mr Megrahi."


24 CIA jets stopped to refuel on Scottish soil at least 107 times between 2001 and 2005.

(CIA torturers passed through Scotland on rendition flights, says ...)


1. Dr Hans Köchler, the UN special observer to the Lockerbie trial, has stated that the appeal by Megrahi had more in common with an "intelligence operation" than a judicial process.

Köchler has written: 'A fair trial requires the availability of evidence to both the prosecution and defence. Only in a totalitarian system would the executive power interfere in court proceedings and order the withholding of evidence and/or replace defence lawyers by approved lawyers.'

Köchler also criticised Scottish parliamentarians, civic society and the Scottish media for failing to challenge the verdict of the court.
UN observer slams Megrahi appeal process


2. Do the security services control Scotland and similar countries?

Former CIA agent Philip Agee wrote 'Inside the Company: CIA Diary' (New York, 1975).

Agee wrote that, in Ecuador, almost all political organizations were infiltrated by the CIA, often at the highest levels.

Agee explained that in Ecuador Various CIA front organisations were set up. These spewed out propaganda. A well-known personality would deliver a speech prepared by the CIA, and then a newspaper editor, or a well-known columnist, would praise it, both gentlemen being on the CIA payroll.

Union leaders were taken over by the CIA.

In virtually every department of the Ecuadorean government there were people working for the CIA.

At one point, the Agency could count amongst this number the men who were second and third in power in the country.

CIA agents would bomb churches or right-wing organizations and make it appear to be the work of leftists.

They would march in left-wing parades displaying signs and shouting slogans of a very provocative anti-military nature.

3. What happens in Ecuador seemingly happens in Scotland and England.

Remember the Lockerbie Bomb?

An internal investigation by Pan Am is believed to have found that the bomb planted on Flight 103 was NOT put on the plane in Malta.

The Pan Am report is believed to have concluded that the bomb was not aimed at the killing of Americans in general, but was targeted specifically to kill a small band of DIA operatives that had uncovered a drugs ring run by a CIA unit in Lebanon.

The drugs-ring is said to have been set up by Israeli Mossad agents.

4. Why do some Scots believe that justice was done at the Lockerbie bomb trial? Because they have been deceived by the CIA.

LOCKERBIE - There were many advance warnings that a bomb was going to be placed on a US aircraft at Frankfurt airport.

For example, on 5 December 1988, the US Embassy in Helsinki had a telephone warning that "within the next two weeks" an attempt would be made to place a bomb aboard a Pan Am flight from Frankfurt to New York. On 18 december 1988 the German BKA was tipped off about a bomb plot against Pan Am 103 in the next two or three days.

Pan Am Flight 103 hit Lockerbie on 21 December 1988.

On that flight "were at least 2 US Intelligence agents and a Mr Khalid Nazir Jafaar."

The Dumfries and Galloway police began to investigate.

But for two days it was "difficult" for them to collect evidence as "CIA agents combed the countryside for the luggage of the dead American intelligence agents and a suitcase full of heroin.... 59 bodies were left lying around Lockerbie until 24 December... but by then there were only 58 bodies..." according to former DIA agent Lester Coleman

5. The Lockerbie judges considered the evidence of Maltese shopkeeper Tony Gauci, who provided the only visual identification of al-Megrahi as having been the person who allegedly bought clothes that were found, or planted , at the crash site, and were thought to be in the same suitcase as the bomb.

Gauci’s evidence was upheld despite numerous discrepancies over the date, time, weather, which football matches were on the television and even whether or not Christmas decorations were up. Gauci had previously identified a member of a Palestinian group, Abu Talb, as being the person who 'bought the clothes'. Abu Talb does not look like al-Megrahi.

6. The Lockerbie Bomb trial suggested that something is going badly wrong in Scotland.

The Sunday Herald 08/04/2001 : "THE United Nations has savaged the Crown Office's handling of the Lockerbie trial claiming the outcome was rigged through the unfair suppression of evidence; it was politically influenced by the USA; and the court had no grounds to return a guilty verdict.

"Dr Hans Kochler, who was handpicked by UN Secretary General Kofi Annan to act as the international observer during the trial in Holland, hinted that the trial was rigged, claimed the guilty verdict handed down in February to Abdelbasset Ali Mohamed Al Megrahi was "arbitrary" and "irrational" and gave his tacit support for an acquittal at the planned appeal."

23 May, 2000: It was revealed by sections of the Scottish press that the deputy director of the Lockerbie trial briefing unit at Glasgow University, Professor Andrew Fulton, was an MI6 intelligence officer. The unit was supposed to provide "impartial and objective" legal information about the trial and was much used by the TV news programmes. 24/05/00 THE SCOTSMAN: "Prof Fulton has been 'on holiday' since it was revealed that during his 30 year diplomatic career he was a key memberof the MI6 secret service in Europe, Asia and America."

7. Speaking after the Lockerbie Bomb trial, Dr Jim Swires, whose daughter, Flora, was killed in the explosion said, “We think there has been miscarriage of justice." Professor Robert Black, the lawyer who has worked closely with the relatives for many years and the architect of the trial process itself, also described the trial as a miscarriage of justice. He told the Scotsman, “We have not seen the end of this case... There is a hell of lot of more evidence that appeared neither at the trial or the appeal.”


8. In 1965 CIA boss Angleton, and President Johnson, decided to commission a report on Britain's secret services.

This report recommended sending more spies to Britain. It seemed that the CIA was going to treat Britain like Indonesia o r Pakistan. In order to ensure that there was an elite which would support US interests, the CIA would try to gain control of MI5 and MI6, use dirty tricks to get rid of anti-American politicians, and place pro-American puppets into positions of power.

In 1996, in the Guardian, Martin Kettle suggested that New Labour was all about Britain being in with the Americans.

In a talk to Labour Party branches in 1996, Robin Ramsay (Lobster Magazine) pointed out some interesting links between New labour and the USA- Jonathan Powell, Blair's top man in Downing Street, used to work in Britain's Washington embassy and is suspected by some of having been our spook liaising with the CIA.

The US encouraged large numbers of Labour MPs to take free trips to America (Israel also invited a large number of Labour MPs to Israel).

In 1986 Tony Blair went on a US-sponsored trip to America and came back a supporter of the nuclear deterrent.

In 1993 Blair attended a Bilderberg Group meeting (secretive right wing organisation) and not long afterwards became Labour leader.

Four of the Blair cabinet have been members of the Anglo-American elite group the British American Project. Three of the Blair cabinet have attended Bilderberg meetings.

Peter Mandelson become Chair of British Youth Council which began as the British section of the World Assembly of Youth, which was set up and financed by MI6 and then taken over by the CIA in the 1950s. By Mandelson's time in the mid1970s the British Youth Council was said to be financed by the Foreign Office or MI6. According to Ramsay, 'Peter Mandelson has been around MI6 since his early 20s'.

Old Labour is the domestic economy; New Labour is the overseas British economy. In other words, the multinationals, the City of London, and the Foreign Office which represents their interests.'

And the unions? According to Ramsay: "The CIA also ran the anti-communist international trade union movement, the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions, the ICFTU..By the mid 1950s nearly a quarter of the TUC's annual budget was going to the ICFTU, a CIA operation.

And the press? According to Ramsay, the security services may be planting disinformation in the media. "Tomlinson told us about the 20-strong I/Ops - Information Operations - unit in that shiny building on the Thames." And sometimes the information is confusing.

Ramsay writes: "does Gaddafi have Taiwanese Scuds (MI5 story planted in the Sunday Times) or North Korean missiles (MI6 story planted in the Sunday Telegraph.... The Sunday Times was a serious, respectable newspaper until Andrew Neil became its editor in the mid-1980s and turned it into a mouth-piece for MI5 and the MOD to run their rubbish through. The Sunday Telegraph shows all the signs of going down the same dangerous path."

9. It looks like the Anglo-American-Israeli elite (mafia-fascists) are in charge.

Now here is an interesting quote about what may be happening: 'There has been a gradual erosion of civil liberties, an increase in the influence of the army, and an acceptance of corruption among public servants. Vast fortunes have been accumulated by a small group who use their wealth to control the Senate.'

That was a description of the Roman Empire, but it could equally be a description of the present-day Britain, or the US Empire or the former Soviet Empire. It is conspiracies from within, rather than conspiracies from without, which often lead to the collapse of empires.

In 1991, Paul Henderson, managing director of machine tools company Matrix Churchill, was in court facing a seven year jail sentence for selling to Iraq materials that could be used for military purposes. Government ministers tried to prevent the court from discovering the truth - that Paul Henderson had been working for the British government as a secret agent for 17 years. Eventually the truth about Henderson came out. But why had we been helping Iraq?

The July 29, 1991 issue of TIME MAGAZINE stated :"B.C.C.I. is the largest corporate criminal enterprise ever... the most pervasive money-laundering operation ...ever created for the likes of Manuel Noriega, Ferdinand Marcos, Saddam Hussein and the Columbian drugs lords."

B.C.C.I. Got into the U.S. banking industry by secretly buying the shares of First American Bank, whose chairman is Clark Clifford- a founder of the CIA.

According to sources, "B.C.C.I. was engaged in international bribery, blackmail, and assassination of government officials at the highest levels. The CIA used B.C.C.I. to facilitate funding of the Contras, illegal arms sales to Iran and Iraq as well as the arms supply to the Afghan resistance...

"B.C.C.I. maintained accounts for Contra leader Adolfo Calero and Sandanista leader, Daniel Ortega, as well as such disparate figures as Noriega, Saddam, Marcos, Adnan Khashoggi, the PLO, the Mossad and the governments of China, Argentina, Libya, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Peru."

The bank was seemingly financing both sides in a number of conflicts.

Who gained? The arms and drugs industries.

Cynics might say that wars help the ruling elites to stay in power.

And here are some strange 'facts' picked up from various sources:

The U.S. sold $50 billion dollars worth of weapons to Iraq before the first gulf war.

Libya was supplied with hundreds of Green Beret trainers and 42,000 lbs of C-4 plastic explosives prior to U.S. attacks on Libya.

The U.S financed the Kama River truck plant which produced the trucks for Russia's Afghanistan invasion and built the highways used by the Russian tanks.

The day General McArthur signed the peace treaty with Japan half the weapons stored on Okinawa were shipped to Ho Chi Minh and General Giap who met these shipments at the docks of Hai Phong harbor with Lucien Conein, the CIA case officer for Diem.

Jonathan Kwitny's book, The Crimes of Patriots, a True Tale of Dope, Dirty Money and the CIA, (Simon & Shuster 1987) is an expose of the alleged role of the CIA in the drugs business. Kwitny refers to the Nugan-Hand Bank- an Australian money laundering operation set up to facilitate Golden Triangle heroin trafficking. Major officers of the bank "included Admiral Buddy Yates (President), General Erle thingye, General Edwin Black, General LeRoy Manor, and ex-CIA Director, William Colby with other CIA affiliated persons too numerous to mention."

10. Ecuador, New Zealand, Australia.....

"Lange says US threatened to kill him."

That was the story from New Zealand's Independent newspapers Ltd on 27 March 2002.

Former US vice-president Dan Quayle reportedly told the Australian Cabinet that David lange, New Zealand Prime Minister from 1984-89, "would have to be liquidated."

Mr Lange made the claim in a television interview about the pressure put on him over New Zealand's anti-nuclear stance during his time as prime minister.

"There were personal pressures," he said. "There were veiled threats. There were specific threats. There were threats made to other countries. (It) was announced to the Australian Cabinet at one stage that I would have to be liquidated."

He said the announcement had been made by Mr Quayle during a visit to Australia in 1989.

Asked to repeat what Mr Quayle said, Mr Lange said: "I'd have to be liquidated."

Former New Zealand Labour Party president Bob Harvey suggested in 1999 that prime minister Norman Kirk had been poisoned by the CIA in 1974.

In 1985, Glasgow lawyer Willie MacRae was found unconscious in his car near Kintail in Wester Ross in the Scottish Highlands. (Willie Macrae murder part 1 ) He died soon after.

It looked as if his car had crashed.

Then it was reported that MacRae had been killed by a gun fired at his head. ( Scottish News Headlines )

Two bullets had been fired. The Lord Advocate (chief legal officer in Scotland) claimed that the gun was found beneath the door of the car.

This was contradicted by the policeman who found the gun, and by those involved in recovering MacRae from his car.

A BBC journalist was given a list of three car number plates alleged to have been following MacRae before his death.

Reportedly, one of the cars was a 'blocked vehicle' from one of the security services.

No fatal accident inquiry was held.

MacRae had been active in the campaign to prevent nuclear dumping in Scotland. The Thatcher government wanted to dump nuclear waste in the Galloway Hills in Dumfries and Galloway, at Mullwharchar.

MacRae had been a vice-chairman of the Scottish National Party, and was seen as a possible future leader.

MacRae was the author of the maritime law code of Israel and emeritus professor in the University of Haifa. MacRae had served in military intelligence.

McCrae had been working on a book on the nuclear industry. The papers he was working on have never been recovered.

Reportedly, MacRae told friends shortly before his death, "I've got them."

Iain Fraser, a policeman who became a private investigator, has revealed that he was asked by a mystery client to spy on Mr McRae just three weeks before he died. (Willie MacRae « alastair’s heart monitor) Scotsman article about Iain Fraser claims

Campaigners claim that children living near the Dumfries and Galloway shoreline are twice as likely to contract leukemia as those living further inland ( DGB Life - the magazine for Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish ... September 2007)

The Chapelcross nuclear power plant, in Dumfries and galloway, became operational in 1959. DGB Life - the magazine for Dumfries and Galloway and the Scottish ...

Why was it built? Chapelcross produced much of the plutonium for Britain's nuclear bombs.

Chapelcross produced tritium, used in Trident warheads.

Tritium can cause cancer and can cause permanent changes to people's genes.

Humans can be injured by tritium if they eat plants or animals containing tritium.

Chapelcross disposed of liquid effluent through a pipeline into the Solway Firth.

Dumfries and Galloway has also been affected by sea pollution from the Sellafield nuclear plant and by the firing of depleted uranium shells near Kirkcudbright.

Gary Murray, in his book Enemies of the State: A Sensational Exposé of the Security Services by a former MI5 Undercover Agent, describes McRae as the "most formidable opponent in Scotland" of the Nuclear industry.

Murray lists similarities between the deaths of Hilda Murrell and Willie MacRae:

1. Red Escort observed at scene

2. Activities of interest to M15, Special Branch, Atomic Energy Police

3. About to appear at public hearing dealing with nuclear issues

4. Passionate antinuclear campaigner

5. Under surveillance by Security Services

6. Witnesses overlooked by police investigators

7. Drove/driven to death scene in own vehicle

8. Death scene: quiet country spot outside of town

9. Victim was said to have discovered something specific about nuclear industry

10. Authorities refused Enquiry into death and murder investigation wound up

11. Conflict in official statements about evidence

12. Victim's property broken into and burned down

13. Anomalies concerning nuclear papers

14. Associates and friends attempting to pursue the case become victims of burglary and/or acts of violence or damage to property.

Judith Cook wrote a book, 'Who Killed Hilda Murrell, Unlawful Killing', about the murder of anti-nuclear campaigner Hilda Murrell.

She quoted an "MI5 operative" who told her that Miss Murrell had indeed died after disturbing operatives searching the house. Two of the men had gone "berserk" and killed her.


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