Monday, January 12, 2009

The Nasty Party is controlled by Israel?

Picture from the Israeli Government Press Office shows Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert meeting with UK opposition leader David Cameron in Jerusalem 1 March 2007. AFP/Getty Images.

The USA and Europe seem to be under 'Jew control'?

Xymphora writes (Advantages of Slaughter ) about 'Jew control':

"Israel and the Jewish people - and Jewish support for the Palestinian holocaust puts the full blame on the Jewish people - are as evil as it gets, and everybody knows it."

"When every mainstream media outlet and every major politician spouts exactly the same made-in-Israel words, words that are patently bullshit... there is only one possible explanation: Jew control."

"Let's shout it, unapologetically, from the rooftops..." more - xymphora

"You know what some people call us: the nasty party," said Theresa May, in 2002, speaking about the UK Conservative Party. ('Nasty party' warning to Tories Politics The Guardian)

Could it be that the UK Consservative party is nasty because it is controlled by Israel?

UK Conservative Party leader David Cameron is a Zionist friend of the Israeli child killers.

In June 2007, Cameron branded those who describe Israel as a 'pariah state' as a 'bunch of loons.'

(Boycotters are 'bunch of loons' 14th June 2007)

Smirking Zionist David Cameron, leader of the UK Conservative Party.

Speaking at the Conservative Friends of Israel's Annual Business Lunch, Cameron said that boycotts of Israel are damaging and he stated his support for the shitty little state of Israel.

Zionist Cameron described calls for a boycott of Israel in the UK as 'damaging' and 'worrying'.

Cameron said: "It's disturbing that a boycott is happening here, there is no justification for treating Israel as a pariah state, it may be by a bunch of loons deciding on it but the motion is profoundly worrying and damaging."

Cameron gave his backing to Israel's Apartheid Wall.

Cameron is a former henchman of ex-Conservative Party leader Michael Howard, who is Jewish.

Top Politicians; Heroin; An Alleged Bribe

David Cameron - rich and well connected

Dr D. Ewen Cameron


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Anarchore said...

Canada is under heavy Zionofascist conrol as well.

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