Friday, January 09, 2009

Most Military Leaders are Sadistic Gays?


Many top military people appear to be secretly gay and sadistic.

Field Marshal Douglas Haig liked to have young men around him. (Cached)

On 1 July 1916, Field Marshal Douglas Haig sent 19,240 young British soldiers to their deaths.

This was on the Somme, in Northern France.

The Battle of the Somme, from July to November 1916, produced 1.5 million casualties.


Haig never actually visited the main front line.

Some historians have pointed out that Haig repeatedly ordered tens of thousands of his young men to useless deaths during battles.

Reportedly, "Haig owed his Staff College admittance through his frienship and more with the homosexual clique at Court, people like Lords Esher and Kitchener, and that he replaced French through his constant sniping and intrigues behind his superior's back,with the full support of his homosexual buddies Esher, Kitchener, Robertson (CIGS) and King Edward." (Cached )

Edward VII on the right, George V on the left, Edward VIII and George VI in the middle.

"Four of Britain's best known military chiefs - Admiral Mountbatten and Field Marshalls Kitchener, Haig and Montgomery - were posthumously outed (as gay).

"The statue of Haig in Whitehall was draped with a pink feather boa and that of Mountbatten on Horse Guards Parade had a placard slung around his neck reading: 'For Queens & Country!'". (Art of Activism)

There have been lots of gay military leaders -

Alexander the Great,

Baden-Powell (boy scouts),

King Billy,

Julius Caesar, Hadrian, Tiberius, Nero, Commodus, ...,

Winston Churchill ,

Ian Fleming - author of James Bond,

The typical right-wing militarist - Frederick the Gay,

Israeli soldiers?

Hitler was bisexual?,

Nona: Kaiser Wilhelm II, Prince Eulenberg and Friedrich Krupp,

Montgomery Britain's most famous general

'Sex scandal' - The Mountbattens and Nehru


Alfred Redl

Guy Burgess, Captain Macnamara, J H Sharp, Tom Wylie and Edouard Pfeiffer.

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