Monday, January 12, 2009


Photo of Waria by Irfan Kortschak (

1. An Islamic prayer school has been set up in the Indonesian city of Yogyakarta for the country's transgender Muslims, known as Waria. - BBC report.

2. Moslems can be a pretty tolerant lot. There were transvestite male-to-female dancers in Java and at the courts of Aceh and Bali there were young boys who had sex with men. (http:///sexology/INDONESIA.HTM)

3. Most Moslems are happy, friendly, easy going folks.

But there has been a plot to present them as fundamentalist and dangerous.

British Islamic expert, Dr. Bernard Lewis, a Jew, is among those people who, reportedly, have plotted to promote Islamic fundamentalism and militancy as a way of making Moslems divided, weak, backward, and easy to exploit. (IRAN, OIL PRICES and the SHAH)

Megie Megawatie, founder of Yayasan Putri Waria Indonesia, and the former president of Indonesia, Abdurrahman Wahid, a Moslem cleric. Photo by Irfan Kortschak (

4. Moslems are just as bisexual as any other group (Gay Moslems)

Moslems are not generally homophobic (Bisexual Moslems?)

5. Many Moslem countries have made progress economically, but there are continual attempts by the CIA and its friends to weaken such countries.

In Indonesia: "Domestic demand accounts for two-thirds of GDP, so ... collapsing exports will not hit it as hard as its neighbours." - So far so good

Indonesia is surviving. Malaysia is becoming more prosperous. Tunisia is a relative success.

6. The CIA put the military into power in Indonesia, which creates problems.

The brains behind the past violence in Indonesia have links to the USA.

Indonesia has its human rights problems, thanks to the American-trained genrals. (Spy chief, murder, jihad, Bali Bomb)

Indonesia's General Muchdi was convicted but later acquitted of the murder of leading human rights activist Munir in 2004. Now the general is taking legal action against Husman Hamid, lawyer and director of the human rights group Kontras, established by Munir. - Indonesia: Former spy chief challenges rights activist.

7. Pakistan is secretly quite liberal in certain areas. But the USA has promoted the military and the fundamentalists. (Pakistan and sex )

8. Morocco is secretly quite liberal. But the CIA likes to keep the military in power.

Morocco's king: "spends a lot of time outside the country; at one point last year, the cabinet found itself constitutionally unable to enact new laws because he had been away for several months." - The sacred and the profane

According to 'Culture Shock- Morocco' by Orin Hargraves (Kuperard), "Homosexual relations among boys and young men are common." "Pederasty is exceedingly prevalent" wrote Edward Westermack in "Ritual and Belief in Morocco." - MOROCCO TRAVEL

Dutch national television news' NOS-Journaal reported that, according to the Dutch newspaper De Gay Krant, the king of Morocco, Sidi Moulay Mohammed (Mohammed VI), is gay. - Morocco


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