Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Jewish Manipulation of the Economic Crisis?

Can we continue to manipulate the markets? Yes we can.

Wall St shares plunge on inauguration day


Are the economic problems being deliberately exaggerated by a certain group?


"For all their faults Britain's banks are not insolvent or unprofitable.

"At the end of June this year the book value of the much maligned Royal Bank of Scotland's equity was more than £60 billion, while the total profits in 2007 of the eight institutions negotiating with the Treasury ... was about £40 billion." - The harsh arithmetic behind the banking crisis Tim Congdon ...

Tim Congdon "says the Northern Rock had net assets (assets larger than its liabilities) and that even after the fall in house values, this remains the case.

"He said, if I recall, that 97 per cent of its mortgages are being paid off in the normal way." - The Welfare State We're In: A different view of who is to blame

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