Friday, January 30, 2009


Moslem kid.

Former President Jimmy Carter Supports Call For New 9/11 Investigation

Israel hopes to colonize parts of Iraq as ‘Greater Israel’

Jew Control: "Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos telephoned Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Friday, and told her his government was undertaking swift action to amend the law in an effort to limit the courts' authority and thus prevent war crimes investigations from being pursued." - Haaretez report today

"Anyone who considers the elimination of children a crime against humanity lives in an upside-down world."

Indonesia pushes Wordpress for blogger's identity; Canadians beat up redheads

What happens when people stop believing the Jewish media guys? Short sellers burnt as banks surge

(George Soros has warned that the current crisis outstrips that of the 30s)

The RealNews Network (a spooky site that denies 9 11 was an inside job) Malware attack.

Video: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan clashed with Shimon Peres.

Erdogan says to Peres: "You know how to kill very well. I know how you shot, how you killed the children... You have a prime minister who said that 'When I get in to Palestine on tanks, I feel myself a different kind of happiness...'"

Turkish PM returns to hero's welcome after Gaza row

The Great Oil & Gas Robbery - Part 1

Scotsman's London Establishment Agenda

Shock U-turns set to save SNP budget


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