Monday, January 12, 2009


Arafat renounced violence, so Israel had to get rid of him. Israel needs wars in order to create a Greater Israel.

Israel does not want Palestinians to be peace-loving.

Because that would prevent Israel from having more wars to create a Greater Israel.

Israel wants violent Palestinians.

On 10 January 2009, we read Writing on the wall, in the Sydney Morning Herald.

(Herald chief correspondent Paul McGeough's new book, Kill Khalid: Mossad's Failed Hit … And The Rise Of Hamas, will be published early in March by Allen & Unwin.)

Among the points made:

1. Hamas emerged from the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood.

(Reportedly, the Muslim Brotherhood has long been used by MI6 and the CIA to weaken Moslem governments - Aangirfan)

2. Israel helped build up Hamas, which became a rival to Arafat's Fatah.

3. Arafat's PLO renounced violence and recognised Israel, prior to the Oslo peace talks.

(This did not suit Israel.)

Hamas refused to end violent resistance or to acknowledge Israel's right to exist.

(This suited Israel)

4. The Israelis, in the early 1990s, deported hundreds of key Hamas figures to south Lebanon, where they began working with Hezbollah.

(Israel needs Hezbollah if it is to have an excuse to take over South Lebanon, with its valuable water supplies.)

5. In 1997, Arafat had Hamas pinned down, and Arafat was rounding up Islamists by the thousand.

Benjamin Netanyahu, Israel's prime minister, organised the bungled assassination of Khalid Mishal. This helped Hamas to revive and survive.

(This suited Israel).

6. Mossad, under Efraim Halevy, came up with a plan, agreed to by the Bush, to get rid of Arafat.

(Arafat was too much in favour of peace.)

7. Abbas was presented by the media as being a puppet of the Americans.

Hamas triumphed in the 2006 elections.

(This suited Israel)

8. Israel and its allies blockaded Gaza.

(Israel had an excuse to further weaken the Palestinians.)

9. John Bolton (and Israel) would like to give the West Bank to Jordan and Gaza to Egypt.

Then there would be no more Palestine.

10. Bolton believes Jordan and Egypt can be bribed.

Egypt relies on aid from the USA.

But Egypt fears it would be weakened if it had unhappy Palestinians under its control.


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Resist The ZOG said...

I think Israel wanted to put Hamas as well as Mahmoud Abbas in power because Israel knows that if Israel fights with Hamas, Mahmoud Abbas won't fight Hamas, because Mahmoud Abbas is already an Israeli puppet himself. I mean why do you think Israel keeps on building more and more settlements while Mahmoud Abbas just sits on his ass and do nothing. Plus Israel wants to use Hamas in Gaza Strip so while Mahmoud Abbas who rules the other half of Palestine sits on his butt and does nothing when his brothers get killed in the Gaza Strip. Israel is doing this so they can trap the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip in case Israel ever attacks the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government hired their puppets like Mahmoud Abbas (Crypto-Jew) and Hosni Mubarak (another Crypto-Jew) so they can trap the Palestinians in the Gaza Strip and they put Hamas in power so they can try to embarass the Palestinian people and make them look like terrorists. The Jews claim that they went through a Holocaust, which I believe is a lie, due to the fact that many Jewish and Crypto-Jewish governments commited many numerous crimes such as the massacres of Russian and Ukrainian Christians, the Armenian Genocide (it was carried out by Crypto-Jews pretending to be Turkish), the Palestinian and Lebanese Genocides, massacres during the Spanish Civil War, Deir Yassin Massacre, 9-11 attacks and the list goes on and on. The World War 2 issue with Jews was just simply expulsion and not a holocaust as Zionist extremeists claim that happened.

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