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How do you prove that a conspiracy theory is true or untrue?

How do you prove that a conspiracy is true or untrue?

Czech logician Kurt Godel (1906-78) showed that it is impossible to prove anything 100%, because any attempted 'proof' is based on 'propositions' or assumptions which may not necessarily be true. (Kurt Gödel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)


Take the 9 11 story.

Many Americans believe that Osama bin Laden and al Qaeda carried out the 9 11 attacks.

Their 'proof' involves what the media tells them.

There is an assumption that the media does not lie about such an important issue.

Sometimes the media tells the truth; but then the newspaper gets taken over.

But, what if the 'proposition' or assumtion that the media would not lie turns out to be impossible to prove.

What if, as a result of Operation Mockingbird, much of the media is controlled by the CIA?

Newsweek reported that five of the 9 11 'hijackers', or people with the same names as the 'hijackers', had been trained at US military bases. Daniel Hopsicker reported that Atta and several other 'hijackers' learnt to fly at an airfield in Venice Florida, long used for CIA operations. The BBC reported on the close business and personal relations between the bin Ladens and the Bush family.

But how do you 'prove' that Newsweek and Hopsicker and the BBC got it right?

Is this Rabi Burns?

Take the 1605 Gunpowder Conspiracy in the UK.

The government story is based on the confession of Guy Fawkes. But this confession was obtained under torture and is probably untrue.

A careful look at all the evidence suggests that the so called Gunpowder plot was an inside-job, although this cannot be proved 100%.

Video: How the CIA confuses the public.

Take the media story that Obama is one of the good guys.

If you look at the list of Obama appointments, and see that most of the key appointments are either Zionists or Bilderbergers or both, this might suggest that Obama is a bad guy. But it is difficult to prove 100%.

Godel suggests that that there are some things that one just KNOWS are true, even if these things cannot be 'proved'.

One reason why the USA is in such deep trouble is because so many of the assumptions made by Americans are probably untrue.

Here is a list of assumptions that are most likely to be untrue:

1. The Pentagon would not carry out acts of terrorism involving the killing of Americans.

2. The CIA is not the brains behind terrorism in Europe, including the Bologna Bombing.

3. The CIA does not control the mainstream media.

4. Elections are not rigged.

5. Jewish terrorists did not steal the land of the Palestinians.

And Jewish oligarchs have not tried to loot the USA.

6. The Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda are not used by the CIA to do their dirty work.

7. The CIA did not put Saddam and the Ayatollahs into power.

8. The CIA did not bring down PanAm 103 over Lockerbie.

9. The CIA and its friends were not the people who carried out the London Tube bombings, the Bali Bombings, the Madrid Bombings and the Mumbai Attacks.

10. There is no alliance of Jewish fascists, Christian Fascists, Moslem fascists and other fascists who are attempting to keep some sort of feudal system in place worldwide.


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