Thursday, January 08, 2009

Hamid Gul and Mumbai


On 3 January 2009, at Gulf News, Fasihur Rehman Khan wrote: 'We are paying a huge price for US friendship'

Among the points made:

1. Lieutenant General (retired) Hamid Gul, former chief of Pakistan's spy agency ISI, believes that the Mumbai attacks are part of a conspiracy by the USA, Israel and India to get rid of Pakistan's nuclear weapons.

"The ultimate goal .... is to declare us an ungovernable state" not fit to have a nuclear arsenal.

"This scenario will give security to Israel, weaken China, and (allow)... India (to become the) dominant power of the region.

According to Gul, American neoconservatives want India to help protect Israel.

2. According to Gul: "Around 60 per cent of the world's trade passes through the Indian Ocean.

"The Indians believe they should have hegemony not only over Pakistan but the entire Indian Ocean.

"That means the Arabs will suffer, Iran will suffer and Gulf oil, bound for China and Japan, will be under the shadow of India's sole nuclear power...

"Americans and Israel is and hell-bent that India should be given pre-eminence in the region."

3. The USA built up the Afghan mujahideen and then abandoned them. This turned Gul against the USA.

Gul supports the resistance against the US occupation in Afghanistan and in Iraq.

According to Gul: "It is absolutely in line with Article 3 of the UN Charter that oppressed and enslaved nations have a right to rise in arms."

4. Gul is seen as being an opponent of Zardari's Pakistan People's Party (PPP).

Gul believes that the Zardari-led government has taken over power on the basis of a deal.

"Those who think that this PPP government has come on the basis of elections, are simply unaware.

"No... it came as a deal which had earlier taken place. and so these people had been handed down an agenda. They are moving in accordance to that agenda."

5. Asked about Mumbai, Gul said: "There are non-state actors like the American CIA operating freely in Pakistan. I don't know what game they are playing. For all you know, they may have used their clout here, trained some people and launched them in Mumbai.

"The Special Service group, Spider group, India's RAW [Research and Analysis Wing], Israeli Mossad - everybody is playing their games here.

"We also have Blackwater here to train us. You think they will only train our people or train some people who act on their behalf too. Who has gained from Mumbai aftermath?"

6. Gul thinks the US is undergoing an economic meltdown.

"In my assessment, by late 2009, Obama would realise that either he has to abandon his agenda of change or find a way out for disengagement from external commitments [military operations]. Not entirely but partially."




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