Monday, January 26, 2009


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“The last eight years have been hell for us because George W. Bush stripped away the facade and gave the world a glimpse of what American power really is, not what its liberal supporters pretend it is.

"Now, thank the Lord Obama, humanity will be once against distracted from the truth...” - John Pilger on Timothy Garton Ash on Obama

'In November 2005, Thompson (the BBC's boss) traveled with his Jewish wife to Israel, where he held direct talks with Sharon, which were intended to let the BBC build bridges with Israel'. - Mark Thomson and the Kosher BBC

Marcus Ambrose Paul Agius, the Jewish Chairman of Barclays was appointed the senior non-executive director on the BBC's new executive board.

Born into a Jewish family, Agius is married to Katherine (born 1949), daughter of Edmund de Rothschild. - Marcus Agius

The USA needs the heroin trade.

Why the USA and UK want to stay in Afghanistan (UNODC chief Costa: Illegal drug trade saved banks ):

Jan 25 (Reuters) - The United Nations' crime and drug watchdog has indications that money made in illicit drug trade has been used to keep banks afloat in the global financial crisis, its head was quoted as saying on Sunday.

"In many instances, drug money is currently the only liquid investment capital," Costa was quoted as saying by Profil. "

America's Nazi government: Obama administration warns public to expect rise in US casualties

President orders air strikes on villages in tribal area

IOF troops executed many detained civilians during its war on Gaza

"A user's personal files and operating system could be stored on Google's own servers and accessed via the internet." - Google plans to make PCs history


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