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Dr Mahathir was Prime Minister of Malaysia from 1981 to 2003.

Malaysia is a successful Moslem country.

The Palestinians should copy Malaysia.

And so should the Americans.

The CIA has managed to wreck most of the Moslem countries that have tried to become prosperous and independent.

The CIA and its friends have, reportedly, promoted the extremists in Egypt, Iraq, Syria, Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia, Palestine, Indonesia and so on; but in Malaysia, so far, the CIA has failed.

Allan Nairn, (Rising in Malaysia. )in November 2007, pointed out:

Malaysia, after independence, did not copy other Moslem countries such as Indonesia.

The USA put the military into power in Indonesia in 1965.

What did Malaysia do?

1. It put some controls on foreign investors, thus defying the IMF.

2. It developed a big middle class with domestic industry, public works and housing.

3. Malaysia pulled away economically from Indonesia and Bangladesh...

4. "Malaysia did something that London and Washington normally frown on:

"They utterly castrated the army as a political institution."

Malaysia is not entirely Moslem, but Islam is the official religion. According to the Population and Housing Census 2000 figures, approximately 60.4 percent of the population practiced Islam; 19.2 percent Buddhism; 9.1 percent Christianity; 6.3 percent Hinduism; and 2.6 percent traditional Chinese religions.

At the Crossroads - Malaysia

One reason for Malaysia's success is its former prime minister Dr Mahathir.

Mahathir knows who rules the world.

"Faced with furious criticism from around the world over Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad's assertion that Jews rule the world, Malaysia apologised today for any misunderstanding and claimed that no offence was intended.

"Foreign Minister Syed Hamid Albar struggled to contain the damage wrought by his blunt-spoken boss, who told a summit of Islamic leaders yesterday that 'Jews rule the world by proxy. They get others to fight and die for them.'

"Repeated assertions of Jewish dominance dotted the speech to buttress Mahathir's analysis that Muslims needed to embrace modern knowledge and technology and overcome divisions over religious dogma that have left them weakened on the world stage." - Malaysia apologises for Mahathir's 'Jews rule world' remark - www ...

Photo from:

Malaysia is a successful Moslem democracy.

It is not without its faults but it is a happier country than most.

The ruling coalition won 199 out of 219 parliamentary seats in the 2004 elections.

The USA and its friends may be trying to wreck Malaysia? And they may be using opposition leader Mr Anwar, who pretends to be a keen Moslem.

Anwar and his friend, former U.S. Secretary of Defense William S. Cohen.

On 16 July 2008, Malaysian police arrested Malaysian opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim.

Allegations of sodomy have been levelled against Anwar by a male aide.

"Anwar was in a vehicle approaching his home when the road was blocked by 10 police cars and a contingent of 20 balaclava-clad special forces, who took him to police headquarters." (Malaysian opposition leader Anwar arrested)

"Road blocks were set up and water cannons and helicopters were mobilised around the police station in the Malaysian capital, Kuala Lumpur, where Mr Anwar was taken after being arrested." (Malaysia braced for riots after sodomy arrest of Anwar Ibrahim)

Acording to an article at, Anwar may be an agent of the CIA.

In September 2000, Malaysian politician Lim Kit Siang called on Prime Minister Mahathir to declare the outcome of three years of police investigations as to whether Anwar is a CIA agent and to state whether the United States is the country he meant in a Merdeka Day message as the country out to 'recolonize' Malaysia

Anwar was alleged to have received RM60 million from a Mr Nallakaruppan.

Former Bank Negara assistant governor Datuk Abdul Murad Khalid accused Anwar of having amassed a fortune of RM3 billion while in government through over 20 "Master Accounts".

Reference was made to the American-based organisation called Asia Pacific Policy Centre (APPC) headed by Douglas H. Paal, who was former Senior Director from Asian Affairs (1989 to 1993) of the National Security Council (NSC) of the United States.

MPs used parliamentary immunity to claim in Parliament that Anwar was a CIA agent on the basis that the APPC was a CIA outfit and Douglas Paal a CIA agent.

Oddly, Anwar had allegedly given money to APPC and Douglas Paal.

"The CIA... have complete records of Anwar's visits to gay bars in Washington D.C. and New York whenever he visited the USA." (cia)

Reportedly, Anwar is chairman of the board of the CIA-funded "Foundation for the Future". (BarkingMagpie: Biggest kennel of foreign pet poodles, and Anwar ...)

The USA may be trying to use 'People Power' against Malaysia.

According to The Economist, (Not mellow yellow ):

In mid November 2007, "tens of thousands of Malaysians wore canary-yellow shirts to defy a government ban and march in Kuala Lumpur, calling for fairer elections. Riot police blocked routes into the city and fired water cannon to break up the rally...

"Mr Anwar is out of jail and again leading opposition to the entrenched elite he was once part of."
Malaysia is of strategic importance.

The Straits of Malacca are one of the most important shipping lanes in the world and are used for transporting oil. (

Admiral Thomas Fargo, head of U.S forces in the Asia-Pacific in his testimony to U.S House Armed Services Committee had suggested that U.S troops might assist in patrolling the straits to deter terrorists who might target shipping in the Malacca Straits. This suggestion has been resented both by Malaysia and Indonesia.



Remember the fall of Marcos in the Philippines and the fall of Suharto in Indonesia?Remember the fall of pro-Soviet regimes in Eastern Europe? Remember the recent changes in Haiti and Georgia?

There is a CIA connection.

Mark Almond, lecturer in modern history at Oriel College, Oxford, wrote in the Guardian, December 7, 2004:,3604,1367965,00.html

"As an old cold war swagman, who carried tens of thousands of dollars to Soviet-bloc dissidents alongside much better respected academics, perhaps I can cast some light on what a Romanian friend called 'our clandestine period'. Too many higher up the food chain of People Power seem reticent about making full disclosure.

"Nowadays, we can google the names of foundations such as America's National Endowment for Democracy (NED) and a myriad surrogates funding Ukraine's Pora movement or 'independent' media. But unless you know the NED's James Woolsey was also head of the CIA 10 years ago, are you any wiser?"

People Power is usually about changing regimes to suit the American Military Industrial Complex.

As Almond states, "People Power is, it turns out, more about closing things than creating an open society. It shuts factories but, worse still, minds. Its advocates demand a free market in everything - except opinion."


Kuala Lumpur

Melaka, Malaysia

YouTube - Marvelous magical Malaysia

Happy holidays in Malaysia

Kids dance


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Jewish control of Turkey?

Turkey's prime minister Erdogan.

Israel likes to control Turkey, but things may be changing.

In Turkey there has been a secret 'fascist' organisation called Ergenekon, which, reportedly, was originally set up by the CIA and its friends.

Ergenekon is reportedly behind most acts of terrorism in Turkey.

Reportedly, Mossad has influence within Ergenekon, and has tried to use it to topple the Turkish prime minister.

86 people, including retired generals, journalists and politicians, have been on trial. On 22 January 2009 a further 39 people (five of them serving army officers) were arrested. (Conspiracy theories )

The leaked diaries of a retired naval commander have revealed that some fellow officers (two of whom are now in jail for alleged links to Ergenekon) had plotted at least two coups against the present Turkish prime minister Mr Erdogan. (Conspiracy theories )

The military, and presumably Ergenekon, are said to be split into two factions. There are those who see the value of having links with neighbours Russia and Iran and those who oppose this. The latter faction want to keep close to Israel, the USA and Europe.

Turkish prime minister Recep Erdogan has recently blasted Israel for its attacks on Gaza.

Behind the scenes, one half of the military wants to continue its close ties to Israel.

In 1948, Turkey was among the first countries to recognise Israel. (Bad new vibrations )

Under a military co-operation deal in 1996, Israeli pilots have been training in Turkish skies.

In 2007, bilateral trade rose to $2.7 billion. Between 2006 and 2007, the number of Israelis visiting Turkey went up from 362,000 to 511,400—more than 7% of Israel’s population. (Bad new vibrations )

Should Turkey be friends with Israel, Russia, Iran, the USA...?

1. What is one to make of the arrests of Ergenekon people?

This may signal that Mossad and its friends have fallen out with certain Ergenekon generals.

It may signal that the Turkish government is fed up with Mossad and the CIA using Ergenekon to carry out acts of terrorism.

There may be a split within Ergenekon.

Why has Ergenekon been outed?

2. In early January 2009, the Turkish daily Milliyet stated that a report had found that "Mossad has been behind the Ergenekon plot to topple the Turkish government."

(Report: Mossad behind Ergenekon plots)

Fars news reported that Investigators uncovered evidence that a Jewish rabbi named Tuncay Guney, who worked for Mossad and fled to Canada in 2004, was a key figure behind attempts to overthrow the Turkish government.

Sabah daily reported that Guney infiltrated Ergenekon and another organization known as JITEM, an illegal intelligence unit linked with the police and suspected of hundreds of murders and kidnappings.

Turkish daily Yeni Safak has claimed that Turkish security forces have discovered documents in Guney’s Istanbul house that disclose information concerning suspicious investment and economic activities by certain Jewish businessmen in Turkey.

The businessmen allegedly have significant relations with individuals, political groups and cultural organizations affiliated with the Ergenekon group.

Turkish security forces have detained many members of the Ergenekon group, including retired army generals, politicians, popular lawyers and famous journalists. The individuals currently face trail on charges of plotting to overthrow Turkish Prime Minister, Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

(Report: Mossad behind Ergenekon plots)

3. On 22 January 2009, Prof. Dr. Umit Ozdag stated that the United States is the real power behind the Ergenekon Operation in Turkey. (Nationalist Prof. Ozdag: The US is Behind the Ergenekon Operation)

Mr. Ozdag said "The US aims to establish a federal Turkey instead of unitary Turkish state".

Prof. Ozdag claimed that the European Union (EU) too makes efforts to shift Turkey's unitary state into an ethnic based federal Turkey state.

4. A report in Turkish Weekly, 23 January 2009, suggests that some Ergenekon people may have turned against the USA and Israel. (Ergenekon's Foreign Policy Guide)

According to a writer in Turkish Weekly:

"Most of the Ergenekon members are anti-Semitic.

"They claim that the MOSSAD has played a very dirty role in Turkish politics and aimed to divide the country into poles."

5. So, it would seem that Ergenekon's problems may be caused by a split within Ergenekon.

Israel may be outing anti-Israel members of Ergenekon; and anti-Israel members of Ergenekon may be outing pro-Israel members of Ergenekon.

Israel may have to find a new set of people to carry out its acts of terrorism.



Moslem kid.

Former President Jimmy Carter Supports Call For New 9/11 Investigation

Israel hopes to colonize parts of Iraq as ‘Greater Israel’

Jew Control: "Spanish Foreign Minister Miguel Moratinos telephoned Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni on Friday, and told her his government was undertaking swift action to amend the law in an effort to limit the courts' authority and thus prevent war crimes investigations from being pursued." - Haaretez report today

"Anyone who considers the elimination of children a crime against humanity lives in an upside-down world."

Indonesia pushes Wordpress for blogger's identity; Canadians beat up redheads

What happens when people stop believing the Jewish media guys? Short sellers burnt as banks surge

(George Soros has warned that the current crisis outstrips that of the 30s)

The RealNews Network (a spooky site that denies 9 11 was an inside job) Malware attack.

Video: Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan clashed with Shimon Peres.

Erdogan says to Peres: "You know how to kill very well. I know how you shot, how you killed the children... You have a prime minister who said that 'When I get in to Palestine on tanks, I feel myself a different kind of happiness...'"

Turkish PM returns to hero's welcome after Gaza row

The Great Oil & Gas Robbery - Part 1

Scotsman's London Establishment Agenda

Shock U-turns set to save SNP budget


"Anyone who considers the elimination of children a crime against humanity lives in an upside-down world."

Berak: "Anyone who considers the elimination of children a crime against humanity lives in an upside-down world."

Israel protests at Spanish probe into 2002 Gaza raid

On 29 January 2009, Israel protested against the decision by a Spanish judge to probe the Israeli bombing raid in Gaza, on 22 July 2002, which involved crimes against humanity.

14 civilians were killed, mainly children.

Senior Israeli army officers, including former defence minister Benjamin Ben-Eliezer, are implicated.

Israeli-style general

The 2002 bombing raid was designed by Israel to make Palestinians angry.

The hope was that any retaliation would give Israel an excuse to wipe out yet more people and infrastructure in Gaza.

Israeli Nazis enter Gaza to kill more kids.

The Israeli defence ministry said in a statement that Barak "vehemently rejects the insane announcement by a Spanish judge."

A spokesman said: "Anyone who considers the elimination of children a crime against humanity lives in an upside-down world."

Israel's penal code permits it to try people for crimes committed outside its borders.

"We can organise more terror in Spain if the goy judge does not drop the investigation."

Meanwhile, a US envoy has been in Nazi Germany to get his instructions from his bosses Meir Dago, Yuval Shitskin and army chief Lieutenant General Gabi Imanazi.

Police in Madrid, Alicante and Barcelona have arrested 6 people in connection with a $600million shares fraud on the London Stock Exchange.

According to Spanish National Radio one of the men arrested in the fraud is an agent for the Israeli intelligence service, Mossad.

Benjamin Ben Eliezer - No relation to Hermann Göring?


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Hot North African Sex

Obama wants closer relations with Moslems.

And the CIA is leading the way.

On 28 January 2009, it was reported that the CIA Station Chief in Algeria, Andrew Warren, has been raping Moslem women and making sex videos.

CIA Algeria station chief faces sex assault probe


Warren is being investigated by the U.S. Justice Department for allegedly raping women who claim he laced their drinks with a knock-out drug.

An affidavit says the first victim states she was raped by Warren in Sept. 2007 after being invited to a party at Warren's residence by U.S. embassy employees.

She told a State Department investigator that after Warren prepared a mixed drink of cola and whiskey, she felt unwell.

When she woke up the next morning, "she was lying on a bed, completely nude, with no memory of how she had been undressed."

She said she realized "she recently had engaged in sexual intercourse, though she had no memory of having intercourse."

According to the affidavit, a second alleged victim told a similar story, saying Warren met her at the U.S. embassy and invited her for a "tour of his home" where she said he prepared an apple martini for her "out of her sight."

The second victim said she suddenly felt faint and went to the bathroom.

She could see and hear, but she could not move, the affidavit says.

She told investigators Warren "was attempting to remove her pants."

The bin Ladens like to keep close to the Bush family

The alleged victim said she remembers being in Warren's bed and asking him to stop, but that "Warren made a statement to the effect of 'nobody stays in my expensive sheets with clothes on.'"

She told investigators "as she slipped in and out of consciousness she had conscious images of Warren penetrating her vagina repeatedly with his penis."

Warren admitted there were photographs of the two women on his personal laptop.

U.S. officials found videos that appear to have been secretly recorded and show, they say, Warren engaged in sexual acts.

Officials say one of the alleged victims is seen on tape, in a "semi-conscious state."

As the station chief in Algiers, Warren may know quite a lot about the al Qaeda (al CIAda) group responsible for a wave of bombings in Algeria.

In the most serious incident, 48 people were killed in a bombing in Aug. 2008 in Algiers, blamed on the al Qaeda group.

The Algerian ambassador to the United Nations, Mourad Benmehid, said his government had not been notified by the U.S. of the rape allegations or the criminal investigation.

No charges have been filed.

There has been terrorism in Algeria for many decades.

According to an article entitled The Arc of Crisis various Nazis and spooks have been involved in Algeria.

Reportedly, what these Nazis and spooks believe in is a 'Strategy of Tension'.

Fascism thrives on terror.

From 1954 - 62, there was a war for independence in Algeria. Thousands died in acts of terror.

Reportedly, elements of the US and French governments supplied both sides in the conflict.

l'extrémiste françois genoud, de hitler à carlos 4
Uploaded by kaz1988

The Arab Commercial Bank in Geneva was set up by Francois Genoud, a Swiss financier linked to the Nazis and certainIslamic groups.

Genoud had the help of Otto Skorzeny who had led a stay-behind Nazi organisation.

In 1958 the bank reportedly helped to provide arms and money to both sides of the war of Independence in Algeria.

Reportedly, several ex-Nazis helped the Algerians who were seeking independence. ( Beaudry, Pierre. “The Algeria Paradox: Will Bush or Kerry Learn a Lesson from Charles de Gaulle?” Executive Intelligence Review, June 18, 2004. )

Reportedly, Skorzeny became involved with the French Secret Army Organization (OAS), which tried to block President de Gaulle’s plans to give independence to Algeria.

Allen Dulles whose CIA Operation Paperclip assimilated Nazi scientists into the American establishment

Reportedly, the OAS was controlled by financier Pierre Guillain de Benouville, in cooperation with Allen Dulles of the CIA, Hitler’s Economics Minister Hjalmar Schacht and Genoud.

(Beaudry, Pierre. “The Algeria Paradox: Will Bush or Kerry Learn a Lesson from Charles de Gaulle?” Executive Intelligence Review, June 18, 2004.)

Reportedly, when Dulles was OSS Station Chief in Berne, Switzerland, he helped Genoud transfer Hitler money into Swiss bank accounts. (Henderson, Dean. “The Shah of Iran and David Rockefeller”. excerpted from Geopolitics: The Global Economy of Big Oil, Weapons and Drugs.)

Reportedly, elements of the OAS supported both sides in the war of independence in Algeria. Reportedly, François Mitterrand was part of this conspiracy.

Reportedly, Mitterand promoted the idea of the head of the OAS, Jacques Soustelle, becoming governor-general of Algeria.

Reportedly, the OAS linked up with Skorzeny, who trained elements of both the OAS and the FLN (those seeking independence).

Beginning in November 1954, the FLN launched attacks against the French.

Algeria’s Governor-General Soustelle ordered retaliation.

Thousands of Muslims were tortured and killed.

Algiers Casbah posted to Flickr as joyful street by jam-L

The war ended in 1962 and an FLN government took over.

By 1991, the FLN government was seen as being corrupt and unpopular.

In 1991, a Moslem party, the Islamic Salavation Front (FIS), was about to win the elections.

The FLN government cancelled the elections and effectively there was rule by the military.

It is believed that members of the security services, disguised as terrorists, then began to carry out acts of terrorism, in order to discredit the Islamic Salvation Front.

Image:EnfantsTouareg.jpg by Bertrand Devouard ou Florence Devouard

1. In Algeria there is evidence that the 'terrorists' work for the security services.

These security services may be Algerian and / or French and / or American.

2. But the mainstream media wants us to think of al Qaeda.

Message from the CIA's Department of Disinformation? "Has bin Laden chosen Algeria as his launching pad to attack Europe?" - Algeria: al-Qaeda Connection/Huffington Post

"Algeria's present al-Qaida offshoot is known as Al-Qaida in Islamic North Africa. It grew out of the GSPC, the last extremist group left over from the bloody civil war, which joined Osama bin Laden's network in September 2006." - Al-Qaida claims responsibility for Algeria attacks

3. There is evidence from the past that the 'terrorists' worked for the French and Algerian security services.

The New Zealand Listener reported on the links between the security services and the 'Islamic terrorists' in Algeria.

'In recent years, firm evidence has begun to emerge from Algerian military sources and leading academics that the dreaded GIA has been – perhaps from the outset and certainly under Zitouni's bloody leadership – a dummy, or 'screen' organisation managed by French/Algerian counter-intelligence.' -,

4. Reportedly, the Algerian military, disguised as terrorists, were barbaric.

In February 2001, 'The Dirty War', by Habib Souaidia, a former Algerian army officer, was published.

It tells of the part played by the Algerian army in the killing of tens of thousands of Algerians.

Habib writes:"I have seen colleagues burn alive a 15-year-old child.

"I have seen soldiers disguising themselves as terrorists and massacring civilians.

"I have seen colonels kill mere suspects in cold blood.

"I have seen officers torture fundamentalists to death...." - Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil in Algeria.

5. Some observers think the Algerian government, or a faction within the government, is to blame for the terror.

"Algerian officials defect and blame Algerian intelligence for sponsoring all the attacks." - How Algeria created their "aL Qaeda" cell

Some observers think that within the military there is a pro-Russian faction and a pro-American/French faction.

The most likely explanation for recent events is that the bombs are meant to strengthen the pro-American/French faction.

6. How strong is the American interest in Algeria?

The United States is building a huge military surveillance base at Tamanrasset in Algeria.

US forces are training the Algerian military.

Washington wants to provide Algiers with pilot-less drone planes.

This military base is a result of agreements signed between Washington and Algiers for oil industry development.

In addition, the United States has worked to include Algeria in the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), and considers this North African country one of its most important allies outside of NATO. - Fake terror in Algeria; the US military in Algeria; oil in Algeria.




Photo of Rebecca_Harms_and_Daniel_Cohn-Bendit.jpg

Daniel Cohn-Bendit is co-president of the group European Greens–European Free Alliance in the European Parliament.

The Sisyphus blogger claimed that Cohn-Bendit is Jewish, and 'an agent of Mossad'. (Daniel Cohn-Bendit and Mossad)

In 2001, the German Green Party was part of the German government of Chancellor Gerhard Schröder and supported the 2001 Afghan War.

One presumes Germany's Green Party has been taken over by the CIA-Mossad.

In 2007, Reinhard Bütikofer, who along with Claudia Roth is co-leader of the Greens, expressly defended Germany’s international military missions. The world would be 'far more uncertain' without the deployment of German troops in Afghanistan or in the Lebanon, he told the media. (Germany: Green Party attacks peace marches)

Harvey ( may be a fan of Cohn-Bendit.

Scotland has a government with limited powers. At present the government is anti-war.

On 28 January 2009, Patrick Harvie, joint leader of the Green Party in the Scottish Parliament, brought down Scotland's entire £33 billion Budget.

If the budget does not get approval, Iain Gray, spooky leader of the sleazy 'Zionist-Fascist' Labour Party could take over the Scottish government.


The present Scottish National Party (SNP) Government is one of the few governments that is not controlled by the Zionists and Fascists.

The SNP leader Alex salmond is a hero, just as Ron Paul or Cynthia McKinney are heroes.

Salmond, who has opposed all wars from Kosovo to Afghanistan.

The Scottish Green Party is not led by heroes. It supports the new EU Constitution.

The SNP government aims to get much of Scotland's energy from renewable sources, such as tidal energy in the Pentland Firth.

The SNP budget would have seen 100,000 homes given extra insulation at a cost of £33 million.

Under the SNP, unemployment in Scotland is lower than the UK average; and economic activity in Scotland is higher than in the UK.

The SNP's budget would have abolished business rates for small businesses.

It would have again frozen the Council Tax.

It would have greatly increased spending on infrastructure projects.

The shitty, anti-Scottish Liberal Democrats and the Greens and the Labour Party all opposed the SNP budget.


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The State Is The Only Terrorist

Photo from:

False Flag terrorism in INDIA:

"We would have been a wee bit surprised had the police not produced some 'terrorists' - slain or alive - in the run-up to the Republic Day," the Mail Today said.

The militants not only advertised their intentions with a gun-laden bag, they also asked for directions from a tea-seller - who just happened to be a police informer...- Doubts over "Pakistan militants" foiled by India

Mumbai False Flag? Some inexplicable questions for India .

Pakistan's Swat Valley. CIA-ISI Jihadi "Frankenstein" Sows Chaos, Reaps Death

J.P. Morgan Chase
Assets - $1,768,657
Derivatives - $87,688,008
Credit Exposure to Capital Ratio - 400.2
Bailout This!

Gates: Cash Cows of War Running Dry

Gaza family says Israeli troops killed children waving white headscarves

Israel planned Gaza attack nearly one year ago, says academic

Zionist France: A Left-wing cartoonist is to go on trial on charges of anti-Semitism for suggesting Jean Sarkozy, the son of the French president, was converting to Judaism for financial reasons. - French cartoonist Sine on trial on charges of anti-Semitism over Sarkozy jibe

Pilger McGowan Chavez and m_astera.

CIA station chief accused of rape

School Children Complain Of “Obama Worship” During Lessons

Arrest in Langbar fraud case in which Lord Levy's "cash for Coronets " sidekick Barry Townsley was involved with other N London football supporters


9 11 taints the legitimacy of the American government

Image from:

"Discussion of the very real doubts over the World Trade Center attacks was conspicuously absent from the US presidential race.

"But America's international image will always be tainted as long as the uncertainty remains." - Professor Richard Falk, in The Journal, 9 November 2008.

The Journal was set up in 2007 by Scotland's leading young journalists. It is a 32-page tabloid, published fortnightly.

The Journal, on 9 November 2008, had an article by Richard Falk, Professor of International Law and Practice at Princeton University, entitled 9/11: More than meets the eye

Among the points made:

1. "Any close student of 9/11 is aware of the many serious discrepancies between the official version of what took place and the actual happenings ... only wilful ignorance can maintain that the 9/11 narrative should be treated as a closed book, and that the public should move on to address the problems of the day... It is not paranoid ... to assume that the established elites of the American governmental structure have something to hide..."

2. "The 9/11 experience has been relied upon to wage bloody wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, and to underwrite a disastrously conceived 'war on terror'...

3. A "dark cloud of doubt that lingers over the official 9/11 narrative..."

The issue was "not even discussed during the many months of presidential campaigning..."

The "explanation is a widely shared fear of what sinister forces might lay beneath the unturned stones of a full and honest investigation of 9/11...

4. "A few talk show hosts, investigative citizens, and publishers have kept a low flame of controversy burning sufficiently to sustain a large and growing grassroots constituency that shares the view that the truth about the 9/11 events is not yet known, or more radically, that the truth is known but being actively suppressed...

5. "The persisting inability to resolve this fundamental controversy about 9/11 subtly taints the legitimacy of the American government..."


Who would we be?

"We in the West, we are not craven. We do not shirk our duty, regardless of how onerous it is.

"If we see a wrong, we look to right it. We will not let evil go unpunished.

"We will not stand idly by as innocent men, women, and children are murdered in their homes.

"Never will we tolerate genocide and crimes against humanity.

"Were we to do so, who would we be? We are not that. We reject it." - I cease opposition. The Government was right. War is the answer.

Obama shrine

"And as the miseries become legion: bankruptcies climb; old neighbourhoods become deserted; the hunger-driven discontent rises; law and order breaks down; the cops go berserk; and reality just generally goes to hell, the freshly minted believers will turn to their leader for solace.

"They'll light some more candles, put out a votive twinkie, and let the mantra fill their head banishing all distraction. A black man is president! I never thought I'd live to see the day! The American dream is true!" - your own genuine Obama shrine

"If the question is 'Why was Kennedy killed?' the answer will be, 'Because of the Vietnam war.' Thus the blame lies with the FBI, the CIA, the MIC, the Italian mafia and assorted Cubans. The answer is emphatically not, 'Because of Kennedy's attempt, by way of Executive Order 11110, to end the Rothschilds-owned Fed and its money-as-debt monopoly.' Heaven forfend!...

"Terry Semel and Arnon Milchen gave Oliver Stone $40,000,000. Happily Stone's film makes no mention of Executive Order 11110 and instead points the finger at everyone but those who had the most to lose. The film that mentions Executive Order 11110 doesn't exist and nor will it ever..." - JFK

Save the Economy by Cutting the Defense Budget

A "Swiss cheese," "Bantustan" Palestine. A Recidivist America.

The Great Depression was not accidental

Bernanke: Federal Reserve caused Great Depression

Research Proves Jews are not Israelites

U.N. crime chief says drug money flowed into banks

How Israel Helped to Spawn Hamas

Janet "Jan" Anne Royall, Baroness Royall of Blaisdon, is a Labour politician and the current Leader of the UK House of Lords.

Royall was a special adviser to
Neil Kinnock, the Leader of the Labour Party, in the 1980s.

Kinnochio's long term mistress, hand jobber and unelectable ginger minger is handed House of Lords scandal to sift through


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Palestine, Pilger, Kosher Conspiracy

The editor of the New Statesman, Jason Cowley, has decided "to usher some established columnists, including John Pilger, out of the door."

(19 January 2009, troubled times at the New Statesman.)

This is the John Pilger who, on 8 January 2009, in the New Statesman, wrote a stunning article revealing the truth about Palestine:

New Statesman - Gaza under fire

Among the points made by John Pilger:

1. "Every war Israel has waged since 1948 has had the same objective: expulsion of the native people and theft of more land."

2. "It may appear that the silence on Gaza is broken.

"The small cocoons of murdered children, wrapped in green, together with boxes containing their dismembered parents, and the cries of grief and rage of everyone in that death camp by the sea can be witnessed on al-Jazeera and YouTube, even glimpsed on the BBC."

3. Pilger wonders why most of the Anglo-American intelligentsia has not told the truth about Palestine.

"They know that the horror now raining on Gaza has little to do with Hamas or, absurdly, 'Israel's right to exist'...

"They know... that Palestine's right to exist was cancelled 61 years ago and that the expulsion and, if necessary, extinction of the indigenous people was planned and executed by the founders of Israel.

4. "They know, for example, that the infamous Plan D of 1947-48 resulted in the murderous depopulation of 369 Palestinian towns and villages by the Haganah (Israeli army) and that massacre upon massacre of Palestinian civilians in such places as Deir Yassin, al-Dawayima, Eilaboun, Jish, Ramle and Lydda are referred to in official records as 'ethnic cleansing'.

5. "Arriving at a scene of this carnage, David Ben-Gurion, Israel's first prime minister, was asked by a general, Yigal Allon: 'What shall we do with the Arabs?' Ben-Gurion... said, 'Expel them'.

"The order to expel an entire population ... was signed by Yitzhak Rabin..."

6. "Every subsequent 'war' Israel has waged has had the same objective: the expulsion of the native people and the theft of more and more land.

7. It is a myth that in 1967 the Arab states struck first against Israel.

Mostly Jewish truth-tellers such as Avi Shlaim, Noam Chomsky, Tanya Reinhart, Neve Gordon, Tom Segev, Uri Avnery, Ilan Pappé and Norman Finkelstein have undermined this and other myths.

The Israeli historian Pappé, on 2 January, wrote about a clear pattern of genocide being carried out by Israeli governments.

A Palestinian boy cries in the rubble of his family home after Israeli army bulldozers demolished it in the West Bank village of Deir Razeh Wednesday, Jan. 22, 2003. Three houses and two shacks were demolished in the village which is near a Jewish settlement. A spokeswoman for Israel's military government in the West Bank said that the buildings were built without Israeli permission. (AP Photo/Nasser Shiyoukhi)

8. In Gaza there has been:

Enforced starvation

The denial of humanitarian aid

The theft by the Israelis of life-giving resources such as fuel and water

The denial of medicines

The systematic destruction of infrastructure

The killing and maiming of the civilian population, 50 per cent of whom are children

All this falls "within the international standard of the Genocide Convention."

9. "Is it an irresponsible overstatement," asked Richard Falk, UN special rapporteur for human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories and international law authority at Princeton University, "to associate the treatment of Palestinians with this criminalised Nazi record of collective atrocity? I think not."

Falk is a Jew.

10. Today, "it is a joint US-Israeli project.

"The F-16 jet fighters, the 250lb 'smart' GBU-39 bombs supplied on the eve of the attack on Gaza, having been approved by a Congress dominated by the Democratic Party, plus the annual $2.4bn in warmaking 'aid', give Washington de facto control."

F 16

11. "Outspoken about Russia’s war in Georgia and the terrorism in Mumbai, Obama has maintained a silence on Palestine that marks his approval, which is to be expected, given his obsequiousness to the Tel Aviv regime and its lobbyists during the presidential campaign and his appointment of Zionists as his secretary of state and principal Middle East advisers."

12. 'Operation Justified Vengeance' ... was launched by Prime Minister Ariel Sharon in 2001 when, with George W Bush's approval, he used F-16s against Palestinian towns and villages for the first time.

13. "In that same year, the authoritative Jane's Foreign Report disclosed that the Blair government had given Israel the 'green light' to attack the West Bank after it was shown Israel's secret designs for a bloodbath...

14. "However, the Israeli plan, reported Jane's, needed the 'trigger' of a suicide bombing which would cause 'numerous deaths and injuries (because) the revenge factor is crucial'. This would 'motivate Israeli soldiers to demolish the Palestinians'.

"What alarmed Sharon and the author of the plan, General Shaul Mofaz, then Israeli chief of staff, was a secret agreement between Yasser Arafat and Hamas to ban suicide attacks.

"On 23 November 2001 Israeli agents assassinated the Hamas leader Mahmoud Abu Hanoud and got their 'trigger': the suicide attacks resumed in response to his killing."

15. "Something uncannily similar happened on 4 November last year (2008) when Israeli special forces attacked Gaza, killing six people.

"Once again, they got their propaganda 'trigger': a ceasefire sustained by the Hamas government - which had imprisoned its violators - was shattered as a result of the Israeli attacks, and home-made rockets were fired into what used to be called Palestine before its Arab occupants were 'cleansed'.

"On 23 December, Hamas offered to renew the ceasefire, but Israel's charade was such that its all-out assault on Gaza had been planned six months earlier, according to the Israeli daily Haaretz.

Dagan was born in Russia.

16. "Behind this sordid game is the 'Dagan Plan', named after General Meir Dagan, who served with Sharon during his bloody invasion of Lebanon in 1982.

"Now head of Mossad, the Israeli intelligence organisation, Dagan is the author of a 'solution' that has brought about the imprisonment of Palestinians behind a ghetto wall snaking across the West Bank and in Gaza, now effectively a concentration camp..."

Dagan's hasbara (propaganda) campaign says "Hamas is a terrorist organisation devoted to Israel's destruction and is to 'blame' for the massacres and siege of its own people over two generations, since long before its creation."

17. Hamas is a democratically elected government.

"Hamas is never described as a government...

"Neither is its proposal of a ten-year truce reported as a historic recognition of the 'reality' of Israel and support for a two-state solution with just one condition: that the Israelis obey international law and end their illegal occupation beyond the 1967 borders.

"As every annual vote in the UN General Assembly demonstrates, most states agree."

18. "The Dagan Plan foresees what Sharon called a '1948-style solution':

The destruction of all Palestinian leadership and authority

Followed by mass expulsions into smaller and smaller 'cantonments'

And perhaps, finally, into Jordan.

19. Dr Dahlia Wasfi, an American writer, has a Jewish mother. She sees what is being done to the Palestinians as being like what the Nazis did to their victims.

She says: "What I'm referring to is the holocaust we are all witnessing and responsible for in Gaza today and in Palestine over the past 60 years . . . Since Arabs are Semites, US-Israeli policy doesn't get more anti-Semitic than this."

20. According to John Pilger: "What happens in Gaza is the defining moment of our time, which either grants war criminals impunity and immunity through our silence, while we contort our own intellect and morality, or it gives us the power to speak out."


Is there a Kosher conspiracy?

Peter Wilby is no longer editor of the UK New Statesman. Why? Is it because he criticised Israel?

This is the New Statesman Editorial, 18th March, 2002: (

"As for the Jewish claim to biblical lands, it makes no more sense to the Arab mind than an Italian claim to establish a Roman state along the length of the A5 would to the British. Indeed, it never made much sense to European minds either, given that they would happily have settled for a Jewish homeland in Uganda or Siberia, if they had thought it practicable."

One New Statesman cover showed the star of David at the heart of the Union Jack, and had the title, 'Kosher Conspiracy.'

The Spectator magazine had an article suggesting that 9 11 was an inside-job.

The Spectator's editor Boris Johnson found his private life exposed. He was sacked as the Conservative party's vice chairman and arts spokesman.

The Daily Mirror editor Piers Morgan criticised the war in Iraq. He was sacked.

The BBC sacked journalist Andrew Gilligan after he suggested that a government document on Iraq had been 'sexed up'.

On 29th January 1987, Alasdair Milne, the BBC Director General was removed. He had allowed the BBC to critcise the government. (


Obama On Arab TV

Image from:

On 26 January 2009, President Obama spoke to the Arab television channel Al Arab. (Obama's Interview On Arab Television)

The following is a transcript of what President Obama did not say.

AL ARAB: Mr. President, you are sometimes described as being a shitty Zionist.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Thank you so much.

AL ARAB: You say you want peace between the Palestinians and the Israelis.

PRESIDENT OBOMBER: I'm absolutely confident that the United States, working in tandem with the European Union, with Russia, with all the Arab states in the region, can get these Palestinians removed from Palestine.

Our long term plan is for Israel to takeover most of Syria, all of Lebanon, half of Iraq, all of Jordan, and parts of Egypt, Saudi Arabia and Turkey.

The only peace Israel wants is: a “piece” of Jordan; a “piece” of Syria; a “piece” of Lebanon; a “piece” of Egypt; a “piece” of Iraq; a “piece” of Saudi Arabia. LOL.

AL ARAB: Absolutely.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I do think that it is impossible for us to think only in terms of the Palestinian-Israeli conflict and not think in terms of what's happening with Syria or Iran or Lebanon or Afghanistan and Pakistan.

We need Afghanistan for its heroin, as the profits from heroin get invested on Wall Street.

And, we are happy to ally with Iran, while we start to destroy Pakistan or Lebanon or Syria.

AL ARAB: There will be no Palestinian state?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: I'm not going to put a time frame on it. LOL.

Is a child in the Palestinian Territories going to be better off?

Have the children in Iraq been having a wonderful time?

photo: Incog Man

AL ARAB: Absolutely.

You are planning to address the Muslim world in your first 100 days from a Muslim capital.

How concerned are you – there is a demonization of America.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Absolutely. We are demons. Look at Vietnam.

AL ARABIYA: Al Zawahiri and Osama bin Laden?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: Well, I think that when you look at the rhetoric that they've been used to help get me into office .

We finance and control all these fundamentalist groups, like the Muslim Brotherhood and al Qaeda.

AL ARAB: I know, I know.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: There's no action that these al Qaeda guys have taken that helps a child in the Muslim world to get a better education, or better health care.

And that's how we like it. We put the Ayatollahs into power to keep Iran backward and feudal, and to act as a tool against Russia.

In my inauguration speech, I spoke about: You will be judged on what you've built, not what you've destroyed.

And what the USA has been doing is destroying things.

We try to destroy all rival powers. Watch out India! LOL.

And over time, I think the Muslim world has recognized that what the USA wants is yet more death and destruction.

I was brought up by my grandmother, and she was certainly not a Muslim.

You know I lived in a Muslim country.

AL ARABIYA: The largest one.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We control Indonesia, through the military.

We put the dictator Suharto into power in Indonesia and we gave Suharto's people a list of people who were to be murdered. Up to one million died. LOL.

My mother knew all about these things.

If you look at the track record, as you say, America has a long history of keeping tyrants in power in Muslim countries.

We put Saddam into power and we keep the Saudi royalty in power.

But ultimately, people are going to judge me not by my words but by my actions and my administration's actions.

And I am going to bomb the hell out of Pakistan and kill lots of little Moslems.

And the CIA will continue to get various foreigners to torture innocent Moslems.

AL ARAB: President Bush pretended that 9 11 was not an inside job.

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We are going to pretend that we are on the side of moderate Moslems. LOL.

AL ARAB: Will the United States ever live with Iran?

PRESIDENT OBAMA: We are happy to sell nuclear stuff to any country that wants it.

But, you know, my country, Israel, is the only nuclear power in the region.


Israeli Professor: 'We Could Destroy All European Capitals'

Israeli professor "assures" us that Israel will take the whole world down with it

Monday, January 26, 2009

Admiral Dennis Blair 'lied' about church killings.

Blair, whom Obama wants as his Intelligence chief.

Distinguished author Allan Nairn, 22 January 2009, writes:

US Intel Nominee Lied About '99 Massacre. US, Church Documents Show Adm. Dennis Blair Knew of Church Killings Before Crucial Meeting.

On the eve of his Senate confirmation hearing (Jan. 22, 2009), new information has emerged showing that Adm. Dennis Blair - President Obama's nominee for US Director of National Intelligence - lied about his knowledge of a terrorist massacre that occured before a pivotal meeting in which Blair offered support and US aid to the commander of the massacre forces.

The massacre took place at the Liquica Catholic church in Indonesian-occupied East Timor two days before Blair met face-to-face with the Indonesian armed forces commander, Gen. Wiranto

(the massacre occurred on April 6, 1999; Blair and Wiranto met April 8).

A classified US cable shows that rather than telling Wiranto to stop the killing, Blair invited Wiranto to be his guest in Hawaii, offered him new US military aid, and told the Indonesian general that he was "working hard" on his behalf, lobbying the US government to restore US military training aid for Indonesia.

General Wiranto, friend of the Pentagon.

(That training had been cut off by Congress after the 1991 Dili, Timor massacre; for an account of the US cable and the April 8, '99 Blair-Wiranto meeting see News and Comment posting of Jan. 6, 2009 at

Blair's support at that crucial April 8 meeting buoyed Wiranto, and his forces increased the Timor killings, which came to include new attacks on churches and clergy, mass arsons, and political rapes.

(For a detailed chronology based on a UN report, see News and Comment posting of Jan. 9, 2009 at

Wiranto's militias, who murdered Christians. At least one third of the population of East Timor died after Kissinger and Ford, in 1975, gave Suharto their approval for an Indonesian invasion. The USA continued to support Indonesia's military at the time of the 1999 referendum on independence.

Since I disclosed the contents of that Blair-Wiranto meeting in a report filed in 1999 (see Allan Nairn, "US Complicity in Timor," The Nation, Sept. 27, 1999, reprinted in the Jan. 6 '09 News and Comment posting referenced above), Blair has defended himself by claiming that he went into the meeting with Wiranto not yet knowing of the Liquica massacre.

The Associated Press reported this month, in a January 9 dispatch: "Blair has said he only learned of the massacre a few days after the meeting."

(Pamela Hess, "Obama to finalize national security team Friday," Associated Press, Friday Jan. 9, 2009, 4:22 am ET; Blair made the same claim to the Washington Post: Dana Priest, "Standing Up to State and Congress," September 30, 2000).

East Timor. The USA reportedly trained the bad guys.

But now, contemporaneous records have emerged - from the US Embassy in Jakarta, and from the Catholic Church - showing that the massacre was publicly described by Timor's Bishop one day before the Blair-Wiranto meeting, and that while Blair was in Jakarta preparing for the meeting, US officials who were there with him were discussing the massacre in graphic detail.

One written message from a US official even noted: "In the face of the scores of horrible slash wounds at Liquica, there are no surgeons to treat them."

The US official was referring to the fact that, as had been disclosed at the Timor Bishop's April 7 press conference, dozens of refugees sheltering in the church had been hacked to death with machetes, but as Blair and Wiranto prepared to meet, some of those slashed were still alive.

Another Jakarta dispatch by senior US personnel written prior to the Blair-Wiranto sitdown refers explicitly to Blair's presence, to his impending meeting with Wiranto, and, crucially, to the detail and rough death toll of the already-known Liquica massacre.

"[W]e have the CINCPAC here today (Command[e]r in Chief of the Pacific]," the message said, referring to Blair by title; and it stated, in regard to what Wiranto's men had done: "Now we may have 40 people - who were cowering in a church - dead."

Photo of East Timor :

Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo, the Nobel Peace Prize winner, had made the key facts of the massacre clear in his April 7, 1999 press conference, which took place the day before the Blair-Wiranto meeting.

Belo was accompanied by Father Rafael Dos Santos, the Liquica pastor who survived the massacre. Their authoritative accounts received same-day coverage in the Western and local press and were also recounted in church bulletins and in US intelligence and diplomatic traffic.

For Blair to claim that he did not know of these materials or his US colleagues' discussions taking place all around him is to strain credulity to the breaking point, especially since he's being nominated as intelligence chief, and since his meeting with Wiranto was cleared by Washington precisely to address the Timor crisis.

Bishop Belo and Father Dos Santos said the following in their publicly broadcast remarks. This account is excerpted from "Timorese Bishop says more than 25 killed in church massacre," DILI, East Timor, April 7 [1999], (AFP):

"Nobel peace laureate Bishop Carlos Ximenes Belo accused Indonesian-backed militia on Wednesday [April 7] of massacring more than 25 people in East Timor outside a church.

"Belo was speaking at a press conference with Father Rafael Dos Santos who described how refugees sheltering in his church and home at Liquisa [an alternate spelling of Liquica], 30 kilometers (20 miles) west of the Timorese capital Dili, were hacked down with machetes.

"Dos Santos said Indonesian mobile brigade police stood behind the militia during the attack, and fired into the air.

"When the attack began 'people ran for cover wherever they could,' he said. Some ran into his house and some into the church before being forced out when troops fired teargas into the buildings. 'When they came out of the church, their eyes streaming, they were mown down, hacked to death with machetes, by the Besi Merah Putih (Red and White Iron militia),' he said ...

East Timor by yeowatzup

"Belo travelled to Liquisa earlier Wednesday to visit the site of the attack with Indonesia's East Timor military commander Colonel Tono Suratman. 'I have a paper from the military commander that there were 25 bodies inside the priest's house,' he said, 'but according to other witnesses outside around the church there were other bodies. I don't know exactly how many.'

"Belo had been quoted by the Portugese news agency Lusa on Tuesday [April 6] as saying he had first been informed by the Indonesian military of the deaths of 40 people in the church and five in the priest's house... 'Firstly I am sad, for what happened in Liquisa ... secondly I am ashamed to be a citizen of the (Indonesian) republic. It has taken us back to the middle ages,' Belo said."

We shall now see where the Senate takes us.

(For another contemporaneous -- April 7, pre - Blair/Wiranto meeting -- public report of the massacre see the report of Yayasan HAK, the leading independent East Timorese human rights group, summarized at

Readers can reach the US Senate Intelligence Committee, which is holding today's confirmation hearing on Blair, through the US Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121.

Via the switchboard they can also reach the offices of Senators on the committee. Key members include the committee chair, Sen. Diane Feinstein, the ranking Republican, Sen. Kit Bond, Sen. Ron Wyden, who has said he will question Blair about Timor, Sen. Russ Feingold, a longtime critic of US aid to the Indonesian military, and Sen. Barbara Mikulski, who has also criticized the US policy.

A Jan. 22 '09 Democracy Now! broadcast version of this report can be found at .

A YouTube excerpt of that broadcast is at

Hero Journalist J. A. Belo Being Persecuted, Needs Support.

Did Obama Aide Admiral Dennis Blair Lie to Congress?

US Intel Nominee Lied About Church Murders


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