Tuesday, December 30, 2008

A week currency means a weak government.

London Children in the 19th Century.

The British are now much poorer than they were a few years ago.

Thanks to Gordon Brown and his Labour Party, it could be said that the British have lost about 25% of their money.

The UK Pound has fallen against both the Dollar and the Euro.

Sterling's trade-weighted index against a basket of currencies has fallen to 74.2% of its 2005 value.

(Sterling within a whisker of parity with the euro)

England is the new Moldova

When the British buy American or European goods or holidays, they notice that the pound has been devalued and so most prices have gone up.

The policeman's pension or the teacher's pension will not buy as much as it once did.

George Osborne, the shadow chancellor, said: "As Gordon Brown himself says, a weak currency is a reflection of a weak economy and a weak government. Labour is bankrupting Britain again and the rest of the world knows it."

The Times reported, on 14 October 2008, that gas prices in the UK had risen 49.9 % in a year.

"A weak currency means a weak government."

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