Friday, December 12, 2008

Unlawful Killing


De Menezes inquest jury rejects police claims

Inquest a whitewash, says family

De Menezes - Unlawful killing, your legal right to decide.

Madrid. Spain's fascists are still around.

Climate change: EU leaders reach compromise deal

Crude oil climbs sharply

Obama drug czar pick (Jim Ramstad) linked to fraud, Christian right, anti-Semitism

Bolivian President Evo Morales kicked out the US Drug Enforcement Administration.

"Morales said that after a 1986 operation in Huanchaca National Park, it was determined that the largest cocaine processing plant 'was under DEA protection.'" -
DEA complicit in Bolivia coke trade: Evo

A Brief History of CIA Involvement in Drug Trafficking

Eight Bolivian Departments Free of Illiteracy

Indian street children

"In blunt speaking terms, we are facing a crisis.

"At present we have 57 children in 'Snehalaya - the home with love'.

"We cannot accept any more children as we have no money for required expenses.

"Out of 57, only 22 have been sponsored so far." -http://www.gwalior.sponsor_child./

Russia, Argentina sign cooperation deals

Major U.S. Power Figures - Tisch, Greenberg, Milken - Linked to Charity that Funds Settlers' Militias

Caylee is Dead, Long Live the Media Distractions

SNP MP disputes UK PM's claim to have saved the world

SNP delivers transport revolution


Graft and Economic Woes

What links did the Mumbai attackers have to the Indian military and police?.


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