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1. Fatalities in Maoist violence in India (India and its Maoists.)

2000 - 550 people
2001 - 564
2002 - 482
2003 - 513
2004 - 566
2005 - 677
2006 - 678

2. One third of Indian states want separation

3. Bombay real time videos:

"One Indian channel went as far as broadcasting 'real time videos' of a particular 'Rehman chacha' (Rehman uncle) hailing from Faridkot district, Pakistan. Reportedly, the attackers had called him from their SIMs and taken further instructions… This is indeed appaludable, for one of the largest news channels in Pakistan, Express News, did extensive thorough findings in search of this person and found out there wasn’t anyone with such a name who ever belonged to Faridkot.

"The Indian Govt. then again changed its statement and said it was a particular 'Amir Jamal' from Faridkot. Again, the Express News team went on research and found out that this very man had died 3 years ago! His own kin related the event to the news team." - The Mumbai Attacks The Real Perpetrators and their Goals

Jean de Menezes jury can decide any verdict they wish according to their conviction

US media giant considers bankruptcy

Dubai developer to review construction plans

Former ISI Chief: Mumbai And 9/11 Both “Inside Jobs”

Irish to vote on EU treaty again as experts warn Britain could be signed up within a year

Report: Taliban now encircle Kabul

Greece - CIA provocateurs?

Video- CIA activities worldwide

Saudis and CIA back Khalid Sheikh Mohammad's Jundullah in Pakistan and Iran?



Ali.mostaque said...

I think Anon,

In light of 100,000 fatalities each year from farmers who can't meet their debt debt requirements.

60,000 homicide cases each year.

100,000 road fatalities???

The activities of the Naxals pales into insignificance, in perspective as a social/political/security problem.

Having said that, I do believe the PM Manmohan Singh said recently that the Naxals posed the greatest security threat to India(his words)so who can say.

The Maoist ascendancy in Nepal is not good for India, or for the region.

Maoism is a failed ideology that will create problems for the region.

Ali.mostaque said...

Keep a tract of Kasab, and the stories related to him please. Your research material has greater depth then mine.

The SHIV SENA Mumbai authorities along with the Indian press are circulating contradictory stories about the Mumbai tragedy, that don't add up.

IS KASAB really a LeT "Walk-in" or a RSS recruit obeying orders.

The fact that they have produced one "Terrorist" who happens to speak English as well makes me suspicious.

Ali.mostaque said...

Here's my perspective of Kasab, after one irate commentator let his opinion, which I tried to answer.

Titled: Response to comment.

Thanks for your comment. It is appreciated. Though I can't access your site to view it, and see where you are coming from in terms of your perspectives.

Red thread is not necessarily a Hindu symbol. If you ever go to Ajmer Shariff(A holy place for muslims, hindus also go) you can see tying red threads is a custom for pilgrimage there.
And in India and Pakistan muslims also wear red threads after visiting the chisti/sufi/nakshbandi sites.

Is it not wonderful that most South Asians have a such a shared heritage in terms of custom and religion. That it is usually outside imperialist forces which attempt to find divisions between "US" for their geo-strategic agendas. And when we South Asians fall into such traps usually for short term gains, it is we who end up being hurt. Joseph Lieberman, Lindsey Graham, John McCain and Secretary of State Rice all going into India and Pakistan, making unhelpful statements (no other country, but the USA.....the current shining beacon unto the civilized world)...............Rice saying there is irrefutable proof Pakistan did it (retired ISI/army officers linked to Mumbai terrorism according to some USA officials).

Well present it to the world if you are so sure.

I believe the terrorist is not wearing a red thread, but a saffron colored band on his right wrist, which only Hindu men wear. If you think Muslims also wear such things, then come back to me and tell me.

Ajmer Sharif, which I am familiar with is a Sufi place of worship that welcomes ALL pilgrims regardless of denomination. Whether Muslim or Hindu.

The Mumbai authorities say that Kasab the sole captured terrorist came from Faridkot, Punjab, Pakistan, and is a member of the LeT.

It is highly unlikely that an alleged member of a SUNNI ISLAMIC FUNDAMENTALIST PERSISTENCE GROUP, would make a pilgrimage to Ajmer Sharif, and display is approval of the place, of its Sufi approach to Islam by wearing a Saffron wrist band on his right hand.

Islamic fundamentalists consider many Sufis as heretics, unbelievers and they have been attacked in various Muslims countries ranging from Iran to Afghanistan to Pakistan. Sufis have a mystical approach to Islam, and believe in music and dancing, in order to understand GOD.

In summary a real Islamic fundamentalist from the LeT from Pakistan, "on a mission for Allah", would never be seen wearing a Saffron colored wrist band.True LeT members are not religiously ambiguous, willing to pray in Hindu shrines as well as other denominations.

LeT members wear beards usually; are off poor uneducated background; are illiterate usually and most certainly unlikely to speak English unless they are senior members, and when they conduct a mission in Kashmir usually, especially a big one they boast about it to their Pakistani audience:

1) For propaganda purposes....They always declare their operations, and no reason why they should make an exception for Mumbai, if it really was they. The LeT affiliates, because the group is banned in Pakistan have denied they took part in Mumbai.

2) For recruitment inform their rank and file that the organisation has capabilities. LeT members are hardcore SUNNI Islamic fundamentalist, and NO real LeT member would send out mixed signal's of where his religious allegiances lay by wearing a saffron colored wrist band, AND a VERSACE T-shirt.

Just give you an idea what true LeT members might look like. Vast majority do not speak English, and are drawn from poor background. If they talk to the media, they would communicate in their native tongue naturally, and not go out of his way to communicate in Engressi to the world.

Further points of inconsistency about Kasab are highlighted 5 posts down, "Worse than Mir Jafar. Worse than the Pakistan military" .

Mumbai authorities have used "Kasab" as the poster child for their allegations against Pakistan, and so we must ask hard questions about him, and his credibility. Because of the wider implications for the region.

And the terrorist can wear a hindu thread to pretend to be a hindu and create controversies.
What I don't understand is that why you are so crazy to find the terrorists' religion. there are lots of hindus in pakistan and muslims in india as well.

Because what happened in Mumbai between 26th--29th November has serious implications for ALL South Asia. WE MUST KNOW THE TRUTH.

South Asia must not be manipulated again as it was under British imperial rule, where between 1757---1947, 30 million South Asians died from British misrule and oppression. If you can try and read Gideon Polya's book:
"Jane Austen and the Black Hole of British History" (2008) second edition
Where $1 trillion worth of Indian assets were transferred to the UK under the guise of "Civilizing the natives". We South Asians don't need the repetition of that sad episode in OUR history, using local misguided latter day Mir Jafar elements, and MAFIA elements.

If "Kasab" the sole captured terrorist speaking in English turns out to be what he is not, then we can begin to ask other questions like..........Was what happened in Mumbai the work of the RSS, Israel and other foreign mercenary forces, to pursue their political agenda's in India and South Asia in general?

Was Hemant Kakare the ATS chief, along with his colleagues killed by LeT terrorists from Pakistan or by Indian's from the RSS/Siv Sena out to cover up and compromise his investigations of RSS linkages to many other terrorist incidents in India recently?

Big question for India and South Asia that need to to be answered honestly. Big questions that have implications for us ALL, Hindu and Muslim.

If involvement of Pakistan is found why are you trying to prove that the terrorist was a hindu?

I understand that there is a kind of stampede by some American officials to implicate Pakistan in the Mumbai terrorist incident. In light of America's OVERT lying and falsehood approach to the Iraq invasion (false dossiers about WMD's in Iraq.......false allegations about Saddam linkages to 9/11.......the fact that Saddam, was trained by America as their agent in the late 1950's), and in Afghanistan, and the manner of the conduct of GWOT, and the consequences of the allegations made by the Americans against Pakistan...............AND what the Americans have actually "Achieved" in Iraq and Afghanistan thus far, then clearly I must ask as ANY rational educated person of South Asian origin:

Just who is KASAB? If he is a Hindu don't you think that would answer many other questions of who actually carried out the vile act in Mumbai? Wouldn't that serve India's true long term secular purposes. That Kasab and his lot are "walk-in" RSS Marathi Hindus linked to under cover cops and intelligence.

Do you know that out of the 40 Kashmiri insurgency groups, 20 are managed by Indian intelligence.

What are the inconsistencies in the official story of the Mumbai authorities?

Qui Bono?

The wider South Asian regional consequences, if India is manipulated into an aggressive stance against Pakistan?

So far the only evidence against Pakistan is a guy by the name of Kasab, clean shaven, looks Indian, with Shafron wrist band, speaking in good English giving the FULL details, implicating Pakistan's LeT involvment. Well that is not enough in my opinion, given the history of terrorist incidents in India recently (Possible RSS involvment). And insinuitions from the USA of all countries against Pakistan is not credible.

Ali.mostaque said...


His comments are mixed with mine here, so here is the link for clarification:

And if you have time also look at, "Worse than Mir Jafar. Worse than the Pakistani Military"

If you like, your perspectives are appreciated on these two posts of mine.

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