Monday, December 22, 2008


Video: Civilian casualties in Afghanistan

Police use napalm against villagers in Indonesia - "About 1000 thugs ... directly led by 500 police, under Riau regional police commander Alex Mandalika, unsparingly attacked, destroyed and burned houses using napalm bombs in Suluk Bongkal village... Indonesia. A two-year-old girl died in the attack." - Indonesia: napalm bomb attack on farmers' settlement! s

"In Dec 2001 India used the attack on the Indian Parliament to mobilize for an impending war with Pakistan even when no evidence was available to justify such a horrendous move. The standoff lasted till Oct 2002 without emergence of any evidence that linked Pakistan to the Parliament attack.

"When the Supreme Court finally announced its judgment in Aug 2005, there was no mention of Pakistan’s involvement and only one of the five accused, Afzal Guru, emerged as the ultimate fall guy. As of the five attackers who were all killed by the security forces during the attack and dubbed as Pakistanis, nothing is known. There were some reports though that these were Taliban prisoners who had been arrested in Afghanistan." - India’s Guantanomo Jails

Kasab picked up by RAW in Nepal: lawyer

Police in England ignore 4 in 10 crimes: Nearly 2m offences shelved because they're 'too hard to crack'

"New forensic analysis on a fragment of the timing device alleged to have triggered the bomb that brought down Pan Am jet 103 on December 21, 1988 killing 270 people is said to have found no trace of explosive residue." - Lockerbie bomber?

The National Expositor - Police Chief- Lockerbie Evidence Was Faked

'Iran arrests BBC reporters for spying'

Madoff money is said to have been re-directed to Israel and is still available to many investors.

Frank J. Avellino - Bernie Madoff's partner in crime

Whoremonger Harlan Ullman brings more Shock 'n' Awe to Islamabad with Hilary Sinnott.

Vaclav Klaus - the new EU President - a man with many secrets and a lot to be secret about

Michael Connell - the IT expert who helped rig Dubya's election in 2000 and 2004 dies in air crash piloting his light aircraft on flight from DC

Israel supplying chemical weapons to supress the Greek uprising

Schwarzenegger “Absolutely” Wants To Be President

Algeria: Oil prices will start rebounding in Jan. 2009


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