Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The mysterious Kafeel Ahmed and photos of Glasgow Airport attack 2007.

Kafeel Ahmed 1

Reportedly this is Kafeel Ahmed, who reportedly died from his burns. He is being hosed down by an off duty policeman.

Ahmed being arrested

Note the position and condition of the car. Note the extent of the damage.

Glasgow Airport attack. Note the position and condition of the car. And the extent of the damage.

Was it really Kafeel Ahmed?

"Police on Saturday maintained that it had not received any official confirmation that the person who rammed the flaming jeep into Glasgow airport in the botched UK terror plot and succumbed to burns after battling for life for over a month was Kafeel Ahmed.

Ahmed 2

"'We have not received any official confirmation that the man who drove the burning jeep into Glasgow airport and died of burns on August 2 was Kafeel Ahmed,' City Police Commissioner N Achutha Rao told reporters." - No confirmation about identity of Kafeel: Bangalore Police

"The family had first stoutly denied the driver of the jeep that rammed into the Glasgow airport terminal building on June 30 was their son but later told police that it appeared to be so from the TV grab." - No information from Britain on Kafeel: Bangalore police

Ahmed 3

"For Maqbool Ahmed and Zakhia Ahmed, the death may have compounded a traumatic dilemma; was he really their 27-year-old son?" - Kafeel's Parents Shut Themselves Away from Outside World

"In a welter of speculation, during which he was identified initially as being of Lebanese origin, Kafeel - or, as he was also originally referred to, Khalid - was thought to have been a doctor at the Royal Alexandra Hospital in Paisley...

"Prof Sheldon said: 'I can't believe it is the same boy. He was a lovely person when I knew him. I was in constant contact with him until last December, then silence.'

Kafeel Ahmed 4

"Jamal Iweida, of the Belfast Islamic Centre, also put forward the image of a friendly, polite student. He said: 'He was a very pleasant, very placid, and friendly guy. He was very polite, intelligent, and intellectual. He was one of the main people in the society who organised very good activities about multiculturalism, inter-faith integration, and the like. They would invite speakers from other religions.'" - Airport bomber was 'shy, nervous student'

Ahmed, after the attack on Glasgow Airport, reportedly died in hospital from third degree burns on 2 August 2007.

Reportedly, Ahmed was a fan of Osama bin Laden, who is suspected of being an agent of the CIA. (Bin Laden speeches found in Kafeel Ahmed’s house in Bangalore =

Ahmed, a Moslem, was born in Banglaore, India.

He worked in India, Iran and in Saudi Arabia, where they stayed for 11 years, and in Belfast and then Cambridge.

His degree was in mechanical engineering.

He worked at Infotech Enterprises in Bangalore from December 2005 to August 2006.

Was one of the London and Glasgow car bomb plotters a double agent?


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